Moon Message :: 2.26.2017

Moon Message :: 2.26.2017

Moon Message February 26, 2017 :: Mentor’s Spirit || New Moon in Pisces & Solar Eclipse From the heart of this New Moon and eclipsed Pisces Sun, we are all invited, even empowered to take one last look into the Spirit of winter as the invisible magic within […]

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Moon Message :: 9.16.2016

Moon Message September 16, 2016 :: Longings || Full Moon & Eclipse in Pisces A day to notice longings. Try this simple ritual: Light candles and listen. We know change is coming to our life story when we no longer recognize summer. I hold change as sacred […]

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Moon Message :: 9.1.2016

Use the holy energy of the Cosmos to make a wish today, we have a New Moon Eclipse! Moon Message September 1, 2016 :: Holy Eclipse || New Moon in Virgo Two years ago I joined a group of Elders to take an initiation journey, the liminal […]

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Moon Message :: 8.18.2016

Moon Message August 18, 2016 :: Grandmother’s Basket || Full Moon in Aquarius A pause to remember initiations Palms together, I bow to you Soul Sisters for powerful journeys! Anniversary time for Soul Stories: Nine Passages of Initiation, today The book is the tender age of one! […]

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Moon Message :: 8.2.2016

Moon Message August 2, 2016 :: Lammas || New Moon in Leo Lammas is the first ceremony of harvest. Think of all we have to be grateful for, that is our harvest. Now, here’s the story of the Miracle of 13 Moons. In early 2015, my two […]

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Moon Message :: 7.19.2016

Moon Message July 19, 2016 ::||:: Full Moon in Capricorn We are anxious about the wave of headlines and the poor Souls we are mourning. Like living in a bad novel, the news rolls over us; before the tide comes all the way in, we receive the […]

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Moon Message :: 7.4.16

Moon Message #27 :: Announcing Book Launch || New Moon in Cancer Dearhearts! I can barely hold my excitement. The book I’ve worked on for more than 6 years is now available on Amazon with wide distribution: Nine Passages for Women and Girls: Ceremonies and Stories of […]

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Moon Message :: 6.27.2016

Moon Message #26, June 27, 2016 :: The Book! || Half Moon in Aries Up on the deer’s trail I walk slowly to release 10 years of holy process. In my sacred and quiet meditation, I am remembering ceremonies, luminous times of transformation for women and girls. […]

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Moon Message :: 6.20.2016

Moon Message #25, June 20, 2016 :: Holy Senses || 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius  I’ve just gone on RiverTime, a summer of …  The poetry of this day is a celebration of the Sun We would not, could not be without the Sun So cross your […]

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Moon Message :: 6.12.2016

Moon Message 24, June 12, 2016 :: On Sisterhood || Half Moon in Virgo In reviewing my span of lived days, such an essence has been revealed that I can barely hold. It begins with this wise statement, “We were born for this time.” To enhance this […]

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