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The Girls’ Ceremonies of Nine Passages

I write to the wide audience interested in Initiations and Rites of Passage ceremonies coming back into the culture as one of the signs of this new time. That audience includes parents, especially Mothers and legions of Grandmothers and Aunties raising girls.

Every day we change. So every day is an initiation into nature and culture surrounding our growth. Passage rituals answer the Soul’s longing to be recognized in our next stage of full development.

After the philosophy and psychology of this stage of maturity, the first story, Middle Childhood Rituals, spins little girls into a little weekend cocoon of mystery and their first experience with Women’s Ways of ritual. For eight or nine years already, the girls did all the work of growing up along their journey which included absorbing the broad brush of emotions, healthy doses of child’s wonder, maybe a physical or health challenge, and the psychic education of family dynamics. Being in the culture of schooling, home or away, girls believe in small miracles, they learn what they love, what makes them feel safe, and what they want more of from life. Each one is ready to emerge from the super protection around her child’s life and begin to explore the world as a big girl. Being honored in ritual and introduced to Women’s Ways, she will feel esteemed. This first honoring sets the stage for all the other celebration ceremonies.

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Following the philosophy and psychology of this stage of maturity, the second story, First Blood, envelopes the essence of puberty and womanhood into a bundle of teachings about Women’s Way to vision a life of wholeness. New young women want to know everything women know. The days leading up to her First Blood and beyond provide perfect opportunities to share your essence of womanhood. What is sacred to you? How do your participate in the mystery of the Divine?  While their sense of curiosity and gratitude remains pliable, these teaching about energy and cosmic rhythms set the course of their life on a sacred path. A very young woman needs the focused attention of women as much as a new born babe. This tender time answers for all women what we wished we had had as we entered womanhood.

Draw on the invisible cord that connects you to your ancestors. Ritual is our heritage, it belongs to everyone. Look to the Father’s side, what blood flows in your daughter? Teach her about cross culture honoring and teach her about imagination. With those two tools, she will begin to vision, to imagine her own life as it unfolds before her, month by month.

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I am here to offer assistance. My life work is about being in service to Rites of Passage spreading across the land. Every human being needs the recognition, needs some part of the healing, and needs strengthening from the community connection offered through Passage rituals.

Offered with my whole heart of love, Gail Burkett, PhD
Sandpoint, Idaho—Winter Solstice 2013


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