spotted eagle2BIRTH
You and Gratitude

Dear Baby, we will find so many ways
In all the days ahead to express gratitude
These days before your birth, I offer a story.

Life at Grouse Gardens is always shifting
For every change of feeling, we feel grateful
Awakening more and always to change.

As you arrive, we are the old ones in the barn
Laughing through most days, talking through
All that we understand and see in new ways.

We are the liberals, the permissive Elders
We want to create a flow of life for you
To begin your dance, our arms hold the edges.

MomaCas, so very beautiful with you floating
Inside her belly, so gentle laying her hand over,
Over the thin barrier of skin to caress you.

You have reignited PopaGram’s heart shining
Right though his eyes, working and dreaming
Hardest in his whole life, prime to receive you.

Even Rosie and the chickens, the Deer in the forest
Elk and Moose, Eagles and Beavers wander through
For water, forage, nesting—divinely, patiently waiting.

Kestrel is how we call you before you arrive
Not sure, boy or girl, we welcome both sides of you
Everyone wants to show you Kingfisher and Flicker.

We think we have lots to teach you and we do
Honestly you have lots to teach all of us, too
Welcome, dear Baby Kestrel, our hearts go out to you.

With great big hearts apounding, Gail-Kenny and Rosie

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Babies Stacks

Babes’ Rock Garden
Each day is a good day for prayers
I never miss those long conversations
With my ancestor Grandmothers—
In these stacks of stones, bones of the Earth
I offered my prayer for Emma, good labor
Long labor brought her to us, smiling
Bright eyed, she waited patiently for Sloan
Next to come on her divinely feminine day
While I sat in stillness, Friday the 13th!
I offered my prayer for Sloan, stacking stones
Next to Emma’s, two girl babies to watch
To love, to learn from, to give my heart away
Splash, right on time, Kaden joins the girls
Coming on his due date, September 23rd.
Good prayer stones stacked up for this baby boy
Clasp your heart, he makes the world go round.
In the Autumn rains, these bones of the Earth
Washed clean and pure with Earth’s blood, then
Froze solid to welcome Riley Rae, inspired by
Thanksgiving’s Comet, coming whole. beautiful,
On time. All Winter these babies will wait
For one more dear relation of my heart,
Fifth child offers the miracle of witnessing
This ‘ol auntie finally will get to behold
Where our journeys begin, the birth of a baby.

I feel the swelling in my big heart of love.

November 29, 2013

Being the Best Big Girl
It’s me, wondering where you’re wandering
As a happy big girl now, carefree, smiling
Besting boys, planning, scheming, designing.
With your best friend do you walk atop
Fence pickets and reach for the high apples?
Find confidence in your body, first
Discover what your body likes—walk, run
Explore, dance, stretch, climb, try asking.
Maybe your body would like aikido, yoga,
Swimming, ballet, racing, ask and include
All your senses, what feels, tastes, and sounds
Delightful to your body? Find ten answers.
Then, seek the right stimulus for your mind
Discover your brain lives everywhere in your body
Train your mind to solve riddles or koans:
How does a caterpillar become a butterfly?
Curiosity turned on, ask harder-harder questions,
This is the best of training—read book after book
Allow those stories to take you around the world;


Soon your spirit-self peeks out or around
Your mind-body quietly asking what about me?
Spirit wants to be stretched like your body-mind
Can you imagine how?  Ask everyone and sweetly,
Spirit may be your shy part and arrives slowly,
Coaxing helps, raising awareness helps, holding
Questions, this always helps, who, how, why?
Finally you say, whew, this training gets big
Because life is big, you are big, you were born
With gifts, ask yourself, I wonder what drives me ?
Where-o-where does your passion live, that’s it!
That’s all, passion is an emotion, what do you feel?
What causes happiness? What can’t you live without?
When are you most alive, when do you lose time?
See? It’s just me, wondering in your wanderings
What is beauty, what is joy, where are those
Hidden in the fabric of life? Do your answers
Lie in Mountains, in Rivers, way up in the Clouds?
Have you looked under Stones, maybe.
Right now, this is when you learn everything,
Life can be tragic to learn about, death even,
Suffering blends easily next to so much comedy
Laugh and revel in absurd human functions.
I wish you marvelous wanderings, remember one
Little thing: I will be watching and wondering.
I pray for you to look as intensely as you can imagine
For you to see who you were in contrast
With who you are, story, re-story this who . . .
With your most tender love, ask for help, Moose
Or Raven, the Wasp looking for an Aphid,
Ask the Trees, even the Bushes, ask the Fishes
Then pretend to be a Mountain and ask that.
Stillness rises with Grandmother Moon’s fullness.
What-o-what will you do with all your answers?
Feel everything, develop fine internal filters to feel,
My dear big girl, I was once a big girl, too, briefly
May I remind you that your wanderings now
Might be the most important time of life,
Reaching for an apple, you stretch capacities,
So later in life you will remember yourself
Your boundless capacities expand like a drop
Into a pond of water, those concentric circles show
Your true gifts are what stir your inner passions.
I see your genius, just as you saw mine, remember,
Your true gift is the one you give away to the world.

Babes with Instructions

What can I call this thing rattling around in my head
If it were to just help myself, I might call it ego
To help others, it feels like an expression of the Divine.

I continually bow, feeling grateful and humble, me
Express the Divine, everyone gets a good chuckle
Including me, but here I sit, still wanting so much to help.

There is angst in finding the clearest language, good angst
I feel the wretched ‘not-enough’ constantly, and persevere
Leading people toward wholeness seems to be my calling.

Everywhere there is humor, since my own wholeness eludes
Still I know the path, the very heart of this work, to share
The cosmology of wholeness, remember, confront, reclaim.

In the verbs lies the work, we used to say ‘peel the onion,’
Perhaps that is the very first helpful image, Soul lies in there
Somewhere, look, seek, repeat, record every single a-ha.

Confrontations begin with addictions probably, stopping
Addictive behavior has never been harder than inside me
That price for experience helps me understand you.

Claiming leads to divinity, each one of us came as a babe
From the Divine to return to the Divine, my purpose is to help
You remember your babe, your primary instructions, your gifts.

Planet Earth has never been in this kind of dire condition
Consider for just one moment, if every being could remember
Birth instructions, anger would subside, conflicts would end.

The act of forgetting places trouble in your path before age three,
Quietly search, revisit your womb story, talk to your elders
Insist on recovery, allow primary instructions to become a-has.

They will look good on you, but more, they will feel fabulous
When this bit of recovery is started, we can look into others’ eyes
Knowing, healing our Planet will become a consequential healing.



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