Poetry on Nature

The Swallows are back, here at the very end of July,
Adults and Juveniles acrobatically combing the air
They must be following the invisible food, we think
Absolutely the best show in town while we drink our tea.

July 28, 2015

Bear Dreams

When the depression sets in, where is sleep

During these long, too long nights of rolling?

Suddenly the Bear appears, the sacred Other

The very one who taught this soul to be human

So, so many lifetimes ago, there she is as always

Coming from her resting place inside, she pulls

Me off to sleep and walks through my dream,

Waking me by scaring me, Momma Bear becomes

Me as a piece of my soul, my gift to the world

In its unfinished state, so the rolling begins again

She said we’ll get it done, Spring’s energy will help.


Birds and Breakup

Lulled into sleep by the quiet boredom of another snow

Another new blanket of white, when the birds do come

We tell everybody we know, we shout it to the rooftops

We find that the blanket of snow which put us to sleep

Has been replaced by life so small, curious, so numerous

We can’t stop watching, quick to the feeder, they need seeds

They flew so far to be with us again, oh how dear

Juncos came first, then Nuthatches, then Finches,

Did you see them at your feeder, did they stay long

Then the Robins sang in the trees the very night the ice

Broke free, Spring is really here, isn’t it early, too early

Well, what is, is what we get to love, loving those birds

While the last of the snow melts, this edgy day, where

Winter ends and spring begins, it’s a day to write about.




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