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Like a new born babe

Like a new born babe

July 2015 Update: How miraculous to see with my eyes, a beautiful cover, to feel the light, gentle weight of my book-proof. I am humble as never before.

May I share my excitement, the new work has begun, spreading the word about this little guidebook that is life changing. I feel the wonder. I sense the awe. I give thanks.

2014. I feel a fullness within me. Backtracking to 1994, after quitting corporate work, I spent several years in the middle of my life in solitude reading and writing my way through graduate school. It’s time for the mothers and daughters of the world to benefit from the really good work started in my dark woods midlife turn.
The wounded healer archetype grabbed hold and my life review produced the deepest healing. The truth is, healing opens cosmic consciousness to a vastness we are part of. The darkness of my life blessed me with its thousand silver linings which now make my inner light all the more bright.
In that adolescent healing, the birth of my inner elder began to shine through. I am proof of evolution. Stories link us together around our ancestors’ fire circle. We all hold multitudinous stories and untapped potential for deepening connections to one another.
For just under a decade, I have lived with my family along a creek named Grouse after those beautiful shy birds who leave tracks in the snow. Loving all the days in all the seasons, my dog Rosie takes me for a walk down to our creek to meditate, pray, play, and photograph wild nature. I often share that freshness and wholeness on Facebook.
dedicate my life and my work to a number of things, first always is the home fire and the love of a good man, Kenny Olson, and our mop-haired dog, Rosie.
This second dedication will come true—women will help me release the worn out ‘curse and rag’ to discover the holy stillness in our Moontimes.
double-dedicate my life to the decades-long project of ritual celebrations for all passages from birth to death . . . this ancient tradition is so needed in our culture.
Let’s begin with the newborn babes and let’s begin with ourselves. Wherever you are now, on your timeline and with your personal mythology, you can review and ritualize your missed Passages. All you need is a women’s circle and a guide. Maybe all you need is yourself and a commitment. This journey will make you whole and more able to pass this ritual life on to our familiars who so us to become Elders. We all need to upright ourselves as much as the Earth needs us to offer our gifts.
With my muse as guide, I am blessed beyond measure. Twenty years of healing means I can pass the blessing on to you. Blessings!


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