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A Ritual Ceremony: You Can Do It!

De-mystify ritual for yourself, it’s so easy, you’ll laugh:

  • Repetition comes first, soon you’ll have a practice
  • Use the moon’s phases as your guide.
  • When you practice something over time, you feel more confident.
  • Slow down enough to light a candle, then another, so your spirit engages.
  • Now that your spirit is engaged, your creativity lights up.
  • Take your candles to a place where you can build an altar.
  • Make your altar round like the planet and imagine movement.

Women are beginning to do ritual with ease, it takes practice, that’s all. This is Women’s Way of slowing down our life. A Ceremony needs more than two candles and a round altar, but not much. Formalities help to set the stage and your spirit self wants you to be formal to mark a Passage. Practice ritual so you are ready when you or someone needs to mark a Passage. Few moments in life can be seen as Passages, make them as special as you can. Formality speaks better than words.

You know, a little story always helps. Recently I sat on the front row of a Michael Meade workshop about Initiation. Let me tell you it was extraordinary. Holding up one of his hands, palm forward, fingers spread apart, he said, “Five! That’s the number of elements indigenous people use in their ceremonies.” I started counting, earth, air, fire, water . . . I stopped. He filled in the blanks, different ethnicities emphasize different elements. Some use nature, others wood or metal, I thought, I always use nature. I like to add sound, a drum or a rattle, or a chant! If you want to see ritual demonstrated, take a Michael Meade workshop! Or build a practice with your women friends. He spoke of ascending order, start with what you have nearby, earth-fire-water, and build from the ground up, in ascending order.

Set your altar, carefully place candles around. Prepare incense and smudge. Right! Smell is perfect, but more important, the energetic rebalancing of sage smoke dispels negativity. Imagine the ritual unfolding. Have you included seasonal objects, flowers or pine boughs, water, sacred fire ashes, a grandmother’s stone, a goddess statue, certain colors, what invites your connection with ancestor ways?

Ceremony Alter


Ritual from the Ground Up

Consider all your previous experiences: have they been rigorous or casual? Have they been pagan, wiccan, goddess, religious, earth-based or none of those? Your lineage belongs to you alone and must be honored.

No two ceremonies are ever going to be alike. They shouldn’t be. They should only be creative and loving, they should be formal to change the form from every day gatherings, like dining. We always like having help, is your ceremony collaborative?

Then, begin to design the ritual.

What stage on the Life Spiral?

Who is being initiated?

Are they fully prepared?

How long will this be?

How will you invite everyone?

Did you invite all the right people? When they arrive, it will be the right time. When they leave, it will be the right time, also. Worry not about those details. Prepare ahead and then discover where spirit flows. This is the essence of sacred.

Growth is central to our lives. I advocate ritual ceremonies will encourage transformation. When I look out on the world with my Elder eyes, I see women singly and with daughters. In the Over-View, I offer a glimpse into a whole life marked by rituals that celebrate growth markers. Take a remembering journey from you Birth to Now. Allow these pages and Pdfs to guide you to see where you are and what you need. A close inspection will offer clarity.

Help one another, the only way we will have more growth in the world: growth=change=maturity!

I offer this with my whole heart of love, Gail Burkett


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