Collaboration & Community

 Collaboration is the Secret


Friendship. Partnership. Teamwork. Sisterhood. Healing. Alliance. Trust. Wholeness. 

I bow to all those who make great efforts to bring Rites of Passage and Coming of Age ceremonies to girls and boys. My bow is deep, I honor your heart, your energies, and your beliefs. We are all a piece of a movement.

When I received the clarity of this path for myself, it was more like a jolt of lightening. I tell that story in Autobiography of a Dog (not yet in press) and only need to say, the journey has been long and confusing because of the culture surrounding us. Many things need doing. Doing and being are the active verbs used by culture visionaries.

There is no doubt our culture needs repaired like a leaky roof, now, quickly, effectively, before any more damage is done. That covers so many topics, climate change, public schooling. I think Passage Rituals belong on this list.

Begin by talking with just one friend or introduce Passages into the conversation in your women’s circle.

Community Closing

This single word offers the key and the magic juice for Passage rituals. We have so much to learn and most who have worked on community will agree. What was known and revered about community by small bands of First people with tribal affiliations has largely been lost with shocking parallels to the losses of Rites of Passage. A renewal of community spirit has begun and will continue: it feels so good to belong!


I invite you to take this journey—step onto the spiritual trail leading to your soul because surprise waits. Perhaps your destiny waits for you at the end of the trail. This invitation comes from my heart looking into your heart. We live on this wondrous planet Earth and our healing efforts are so needed now as our great Mother Earth goes through her own renewal. She can only succeed if we begin to act as mature as our ages suggest. Your discoveries will lead to wholeness for yourself and your family and the Earth will benefit.

The second invitation—I would like to hear any part you want to share. I invite you to write your story and post it on the Story page so the Passage community forming here can find encouragement. Others will find your truth of transformation to instigate their own journey. This is our Passage Community project, this sharing of stories.

Begin with the stories told through my elder-eyes. I wish I had a hundred stories, I am blessed with only a few. As this grows, will provide space for everyone’s stories of healing and discovery. Ritual feels so darn good, I invite you to break through any resistance you might be feeling.

The divine waits for you just on the other side of your resistance. Break through!


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