R’evolutionary Woman

Our Flow: The River of Convergence

Mother Earth now needs women to be strong, political, and active.
We need to call on the Divine Feminine to rise.  Together we will heal our beautiful Earth.

With my squinty eyes, I see an intersection between our great need to heal the Earth and our great need to heal ourselves and evolve as a species. This is a tender place. All of our worldly resistances, individually and collectively, live at this intersection of self and planet. We can name the intersecting energies as the holy vessel into which every person’s stardust pours out as a Life Spiral. This vessel holds our stages of development, stories, hopes, and dreams. We each move through the seasons, through the stages of life, and discover who we are becoming and express our calling through our gifts. As we remember our stardust, the sacred substance of our Souls, we make choices to heal and grow.

I love images and visualizations. First I saw the energies of two circles, the grounded circle is Earth’s Medicine Wheel where all her Beings, those billions of critters who share this planet, enjoy the exchange of seasons between the North and the South hemispheres. I also see the slow march of geologic creation and humanity’s destruction. The hovering circle holds the Life Spiral of each human, the development stages from Birth through Childhood into Adolescence. It is known that many find shelter in youthfulness and resist the natural responsibility and accountability of Adulthood. Without maturing, the popular phrase is stuck. To be stuck is to eventually become mentally unwell. This may happen in two years or two decades. It happens. Some are lucky, it appears to be luck for those who mature with ease through Adulthood and approach Elder years with grace.

An Activist’s Story. I can write about being stuck because I was, my resistance was fear and social immaturity. Two decades of such resistance produced a great and shocking awakening. I had missed the crescendo of my youth and the early decade of my Adult years. Like this river, the beautiful Yaak of Montana, I experience a great rush like snowmelt and settled into flow as a contemplative in the dark woods. These were the years of graduate school and then care for my parents. I grew up fast. After they passed, I was a baby Elder beginning to know the stardust of my Soul. My calling is Rites of Passage, reintroducing women and girls to the Life Spiral as a holy place for ceremonies and rituals.

As this calling expands, R’evolutionary Woman emerges onto the world stage. I am here to help her know about her stardust. When she heals herself, the Divine Feminine will incarnate. Women, self first and then the girls and then the Earth. There is a great rush like snowmelt. We have a short time for all of this but we do have time. All around this beautiful Medicine Circle we call Earth, spinning at 66,000 miles an hour to bring us day and night, young girls have begun an acceleration of development. Boys too, Become the Mother who initiates her children and reveals their stardust. How can I help?


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