Earth Message :: Full Moon in Pisces || August 26, 2018

What about Relationships

Water – our body

The one holy place where our edges offer growth is relationships. Throughout our lives we form dozens. We begin by being cradled and held. Isn’t this amazing? Men and women, olders and youngers, siblings and children, parents and grandparents, the number of relationships in each of our webs is staggering to consider. Let’s do that, consider how we show up in relationship to all Others.

Me? I had a time this summer when Eagles and Bumble Bees were my confidants, the Sacred Others. The thrill of those relationships kept my joy way up and provided me with precious away-time. I was away from the political story, away from the cyclone of my husband’s building project, and the introvert in me was safe from developing only temporary relations with new neighbors. I am happy to say, the building project is complete and one beautiful neighbor dances in close bringing her amazingly beautiful heart.

You? There is a super easy way to look at your relationships, it’s beautiful, frankly honest, and informative. It’s been called concentric rings by others, and applied spiritually for you, the one at the center. The nearest and dearest next ring are those you dance with most often, maybe not literally, but over emails, texts, meals, movies, chats, always hugs. Hopefully, there is a practice of intimacy, as in this form, into-me-see. When you feel most vulnerable, there is the greatest opportunity for growth. This arrives, surprisingly, through trust and truth, revealing something hidden.

The next ring in your concentric circle is adopted family, you’re closest community, then your long list of facebook friends. Now, see how Nature, our Great Mother, surrounds and fills each one of our concentric rings, with love, light, air, critters, insects, water, and our lovely, tall friends, trees of all shapes and sizes.

How well we tend to our relationships probably has a direct correlation to how well we feel mentally. Being a Mentor, I am a tender. Still, being a gypsy-elder, with my feet no longer planted, I rely on phone, zoom, skype, facebook for my connections, not totally, but a lot. This leaves me hungry for face-to-face but I do tend to the physical connection. I make sure I give and get hugs every day. My rule is 8 hugs a day.

How well are you tending to your concentric circles of love and wellness? Beneath this Virgo Sun directly opposite Moon in Pisces, this question and its truth-filled answer wants to stir JOY and fond memories. The final month of summer, we have all enjoyed connections with Earth, with recreation, and squeals of laughter.

Like a wedding celebration: Something new for these Earth and Moon Messages, holy as the blue sky, an introduction to women who have entered and stayed in my concentric circle. I call this cross-pollination, as the bee and the pea ― cooperators, collaborators; the beautiful energies of women rising, strong. We are never alone.

One in my inner circle is a joy goddess, an instigator for joy. Her page is JoyFuel, so to bring up these connections in stark relief: Becky Suzik found me, loved my books, joined in calls to circle with me for Soul Stories and the Moon. She had studied initiation passages for her girls. Then she did something utterly amazing, to raise her own Mentor’s chi, she offered her friends a book club when Nine Passages for Women and Girls was new. We text and talk often. She has pointed me to two trainings which have shaped my elder-self: This past year, Pachamama Alliance ignited my activist self and a marketing-for-women coach who cracked me open this summer. Becky and I seem to have a cooperative mission ― to find the kindness, the joy, and the miraculous reach through media so that our mentoring will become more available. We have never met, nor have we hugged, and we find this astonishing. We are Soul Sisters.

Now Moon has reached her fullness,
Mirroring your own, Pisces the Mystic
Please, Dearhearts, bath all day in this shine.

Love always, Gail