Moon Message :: 9.16.2016


Moon Message September 16, 2016 :: Longings || Full Moon & Eclipse in Pisces

A day to notice longings.

Try this simple ritual: Light candles and listen.

We know change is coming to our life story when we no longer recognize summer. I hold change as sacred and one of the few human gifts that places us squarely in Nature. We change like the seasons, we change with the seasons, the seasons rolling through our lives, coloring our story, provide an opportunity to grow into who we were born to be. Change is the one thing we have in common with every other living thing and the one constant to count on throughout life. Have fun with change for a change.

While you are quietly listening for change, look within to discover where confusion reigns or why resistance feels so present? What, exactly, are you afraid of? If your answer is global or even national, you are looking too far outside of your nexus of control. Not that you can control change, but you can guide all of your heart longings by bringing your mind into alignment with your heart. Quite simply, find power days like this one, a Full Moon Eclipse day, a beautiful edge day between summer and fall, and deeply listen for your own longings.

This is the teaching: After a few complete turns of the Earthly axis, we all need a bundling ceremony for our stories. Once bundled, like a journey back through our trials, this invites a sharing. When age and stage match, this would be called a Rites of Passage ceremony. The entire culture will make an evolutionary leap toward storytelling and passage ceremonies when we–Mothers and Grandmothers, Fathers and Grandfathers, Aunts and Uncles–recognize the basic need to gather around a central fire or a candle lit dinner table. Story deepens experience, create a ceremony to tell your story!

Our most ancient genetic and generic gift from the Ancestors, enduring and precious, is storytelling. Every human has a built-in story teller, our stories matter. Hearing ourselves tell our own story, well, this is the origin of psychology and psychotherapy. Inspire your friends and family to get talking! Hold a space for this to happen. Add a bit of thought and consideration, this may crack open the door for a Rites of Passage ceremony for one who sits at the table. Who feels the call to acknowledge and celebrate change?

After a big Village celebration marks a new level of maturity for an initiate, after the story has been processed with close mentors, brothers, sisters, and family, we each need to look around the story-circle. As surely as the drum beat begins to fade, another longing always shows up. Who else feels the call of change? Should the closing circle ask such a question? I say yes! We need to feed our longings the same way we feed our bellies.

This is a time when our beautiful ally, la Luna, shines with stunning fullness, a Full Moon in Pisces shares the stage with the Sun. All week is a time to listen for longings, to celebrate change on your life stage, big and small change. Equinox, when the day-length is equal all over the planet, is another power day for listening to your longings. Take a break from your hectic life to listen to your heart beat.

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