Moon Message :: 9.1.2016

Use the holy energy of the Cosmos to make a wish today, we have a New Moon Eclipse!

summer harvest

Light & Dark for Unity

Moon Message September 1, 2016 :: Holy Eclipse || New Moon in Virgo

Two years ago I joined a group of Elders to take an initiation journey, the liminal time was thrilling and challenging; we used Soul Stories: Nine Passages of Initiation to review our lives from before Birth. All those environmental influences, all those relationship teachings came into shining focus. This New Moon marks the end for me because a new beginning has surfaced. This is the way of change. She comes bidden and unbidden. The most powerful force in our lives is the change we choose with our happy hearts.

Within this new beginning lies a vision quest with my mate. I have asked for a quest for joy. We are overdue for a real rest and for deep quiet time to stand under the questions once again, “What do you want? Who were you born to be?” It’s likely that a new question will come soaring in to carry our spirits aloft. As much as we like to think we are in right relationship with our destiny, we are two creatives inviting answers that delight our Elder senses.

Inside this fancy jargon lies a gigantic release: Our place has been the home and container for many ceremonies, women’s circles, happy gatherings, and Rites of Passage offerings for the community and for every age and stage on the Life Spiral. Such ritual has seeped into the soil which resonates with story and inspiration so abundant I go running to the woods for more. Once there, the creek, oh the holy Grouse Creek, receives and soothes my emotions. Fire and air are always present, I have had more than I could hold, it’s all here. Poetry of grief and longing are already pouring out of me, but I must not be attached right now.

To remember what flying free feels like, we have chosen an Audubon motif: We will follow birds who migrate and connect the dots between wildlife refuges to learn more about our fine feathered friends.

Today, I am plugging into the power of this New Moon Eclipse energy. For everyone conscious of Cosmic energy, the invitation encourages adaptation which supports resilience. Whether the serious issues of the day get attention depends on whether we can be discerning and not give our attention to outrageous drama which we can’t take seriously at all. Let’s focus on how we can adapt so we can enjoy resilience together. We all have good works to do.

Now I say enough! Enough about this particular initiation, it’s released me to peer into the second half of my Elder years. The incorporation or integration of the journey’s discoveries became an extension of the trials of Rites of Passage. It is complete and I feel satisfied to say, enough. The blessings will continue to swirl long into my Dreamtime. Thank you, Dearhearts, for all of your good words of encouragement. The Elder gets the last word, be clear and thoughtful about your intentions. There is power in this New Moon to bring your dreams to fruition. I am sending you buckets of love today.

Touch the mystery …


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