Moon Message :: 7.19.2016

Moon Message July 19, 2016 ::||:: Full Moon in Capricorn

We are anxious about the wave of headlines and the poor Souls we are mourning. Like living in a bad novel, the news rolls over us; before the tide comes all the way in, we receive the details. Yet, each day, the tide comes in again, we need to be on the watch for goodness, for kindness, and for our particular brand of joy. We must allow the Ocean to do her cleansing of our sorrows.

Gather ‘round, Clan Mothers. The time has come to find strength in goodness, refreshing harmony through pure play out in Nature, and stories. Our stories of adventure and personal growth become a mythology for the family and grow into headlines with power and punch. Women are using the weapons of kindness and interdependence to repel the bad news; the collective power of peace is our birthright.

Gather ‘round, Clan Mothers, our strength lies closest to home, in our families. This is where we locate and polish our gifts, through the reflection in the eyes of our loved ones. When your loved ones go far to test their strength, invite them back home to tell their stories. By returning home, we strengthen the Clan Mothers who nurture dozens of times each day, who reflect wholesomeness, who, as our holy repositories, gather and hold stories for us. They do this gently, continuously, long after we are able to hold stories for ourselves. Now, more than ever, we need reflections from Clan Mothers, the ensuing dialogs are healing salves for our Souls.

As recently as last week, I was visited by a Clan Mother. How wonderful to be reminded of this hidden but very core strength in our country. She entered my sphere for parts of 3 days: Kelley Ward, seeing you up close, when the headlines were at a peculiarly glum state, you compartmentalized the news and I watched you pay quiet focused attention to your family members. Individually, they were all touched by you many times each day. We felt the beauty and the power of togetherness and your presence nourished me personally. You brought along another Clan Mother, Michele Koval-Brown, which attests to how this is supposed to work. Let’s join together for experiences that support our growth. We all need experiences and togetherness to feed our deep connection to the Earth and to each other.

I may be a Clan Grand, but I doubt if my nurturing qualities are strong enough. I need children to strengthen me and to tell me their stories. I do know a few Grands who are magnificent Clan Mothers and this knowing qualifies my expertise. Wrapped up in the bundle of knowing a Clan Mother or a Grand Clan Mother is the feeling of great magnetism they personally carry. I long to be nearby, I want to be a helper and a counsel who speaks about their strengths, I want to be the one who returns a few strokes to these powerhouses. For the women who have revealed themselves to me, I am their strongest admirer. They have caused me to build a pedestal for the idea of Clan Mother, can we begin to tease out her essence together.

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