Moon Message :: 2.26.2017

Moon Message :: 2.26.2017


Moon Message February 26, 2017 :: Mentor’s Spirit || New Moon in Pisces & Solar Eclipse

From the heart of this New Moon and eclipsed Pisces Sun, we are all invited, even empowered to take one last look into the Spirit of winter as the invisible magic within spring energies invite the sap to rise. Remain quiet. You cannot slow down the world, but you can slow yourself.

 Mentoring takes many forms; as receivers, this moment provides an opportunity for earthly beings to be mentored by a unique cosmic moment. This New Moon invites each one of us to encounter life’s great mysteries in our own way. Take time to review what is most valuable to you, locate the expansive quality of your gratitude practice. Sip tea. Your personal parade of beloveds comes as easy as closing your eyes. Breathe. Go deeper into your values and beliefs. Renew your gratitude practice and New Moon intentions will rise like spring sap. Remain quiet, sift and prioritize. Write down your spring projects, cross off half. I invite you to feel emboldened for the new season. Bring it on.

Spirit is the hardest topic to write about because ineffable, impenetrable gauze surrounds this energy in all things. The conversational difficulty is compounded in all ways mysterious and because one’s own beating heart is attached to the answers. We spend a lifetime wondering, searching, “What is Spirit, what do I believe about the deepest mysteries? Do I ever really understand Spirit and Great Mystery?” In such times as now, when beliefs are openly questioned, our personal quest for answers burrows deeper underground for safety. We seriously could become a culture adrift out of fear. Look around, Spiritual Mentors are reaching out and we must ask for help aloud. We must teach the children that they have permission to ask. What a divine moment this is, let’s unwrap its hidden potential. The future for children, yours, mine and theirs, concerns each one of us.

A little story: This week, the Mentor’s Spirit rose in my chest when I sat alone with a grieving girl. She was all knotted up with expectations. She apologized for crying and tried to stop herself. Fourteen is an age of change and a time when new skills are born; tears are salve for all points on her star, emotional, physical, and especially intellectual where expectations are born. In only fifteen minutes, I turned from the front seat to open up and witness her intimate sharing and hold her many tears flowing from the tangled mess of expectations, relationships, and comparisons. Maybe I planted a tiny seed for her dreamtime; those fierce hopes for rapid change to blow in her direction only needed a little more time, a little more training. My perspective might have loosened her knot a tiny bit so she could sleep.

I am thinking about crises as knots. In order to mature and evolve as humans moving through normal and predictable stages, we must face all questions presented by Spirit because, ultimately, this may be the purpose of life. Questions pester into a tangled knot; sometimes before the untangling, we feel strangled by our own creation. Eventually, we must come to understand our moments of crises as opportunities for growth. They are real. Hidden within each knot is a unique spiritual opportunity to grow. In emotionally and psychically painful times, the Mentor’s Spirit can provide a broader perspective or in the best scenario, offer a nest for safe discussion where the knot, like a koan stuck in your throat, can be eased out of your own heart by your own voice. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a woman with the Mentor’s Spirit in her bone marrow has said, “I do not know what I think until I see what I say.” Like a golden rule for Mentors, words we hear and hold allow natural, inborn wisdom to emerge with a coax, a discussion, or a game of koans.

Incredibly, this Mentor’s Spirit lives inside of everyone and waits to be called upon, but it only serves those not intimately related to us. I have tested this theory on different members of my family and found its truth to be powerful. A Mentor has no agenda except to serve as an attending witness who might provide a broader view of the knot. Even when our closest relations know everything about the knot or crises, their perspective is invested in solutions of their own creative design. This is rarely fair to healthy, intimate relationships including mates, siblings, children, and parents. Each person is both a Mentor and a Mentee, we are all needed and our hands extend in both directions.

LoIMG_5477ok back on your life, crises always provided an opportunity for growth. The turn of events that might be called somehow miraculous, allows the crises to pass and the drama to subside. The normal and natural development cycle for humans provides unique moments that often feel like a crises. I hope you can see where this is going. Mentoring with Spirit, with divine and utmost respect and care, leads to ceremonies that untie the most difficult of personal knots through Rites of Passage ceremonies. So many Mentors are beginning to weave at the highest level and community webs are forming to strengthen each one of us at the very place where gratitude swells – our extended families. For my community, I intend to use this Pisces New Moon to write about the intersection of Mentor’s Spirit and Rites of Passage ceremonies.

Allow the Earth and Sky to be your Mentor this weekend. Enter ceremony alone or together. The Cosmos will open your heart to many things and hold all your tears. Blessings for your budding Mentor’s Spirit.

Artist: Glenn R. Hinz

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