Moon Message :: 8.2.2016

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Moon Message August 2, 2016 :: Lammas || New Moon in Leo

Lammas is the first ceremony of harvest.
Think of all we have to be grateful for, that is our harvest.

Now, here’s the story of the Miracle of 13 Moons. In early 2015, my two books for women made me feel like I was pregnant with twins. The muse grabbed hold of my stated purpose in life and began to shake and quiver. Getting the culture to celebrate Rites of Passage for all the stages of our lives from Birth to Death is a daunting purpose, I know. It’s the journey my Soul reinforces and my Muse enjoys. Most days I just follow those two around. Every New Moon, I do a visioning to refresh and caress and imagine the next tiny step. For these two beautiful books, they are twins, born 13 Moons apart. Hip-hooray.

Last August I published Soul Stories: Nine Passages of Initiation to honor each woman’s place on the Life Spiral. The book is a journey guide to experience all of the Passages missed because of the lack in our culture. When women are initiated, we can all step into our Clan Mother roles and offer Rites of Passage to our families. That’s a big idea but it’s very sound; we do need initiated Elders to look far into the future and protect the 7 Generations of unborns. Right now, we look to next week or when school starts again, some of us are already thinking about Christmas! If we took the whole cultural view of 2016 to the far away and elusive 2050, the meaning of “sustainable” would spring into view. That’s the year I will turn 100 and my granddaughters will be raising babies. Let’s imagine how much we could improve the culture by focusing on the Village. Rites of Passage ceremonies are for the communities that surround us, it’s how we learn to see deeper into one another. By honoring one another’s natural and biologically timed transformations, we will understand maturity better, be profoundly more connected, and feel the freedom to be more playful with ourselves.

This month I published Nine Passages for Women and Girls, a book which shows the amazing continuum of growth and development specific to our women’s body. The mentoring between the stories easily translates into the biological maturity for boys and men, minus the blood, of course. The essence is straightforward; my voice progresses from Guide for the Child years to Teacher for the Adolescent years. I found my power to speak to Adult women with my Mentor’s voice and finally the tone for Elder women is one of friend and companion.

At Turtle Moon Publishing, we are working on other versions for you, our esteemed readers: ePub and Kindle are on the drawing board. “Little Books” for each of the major stages of life, Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Elder will be available next, perhaps one each month. Look for those and thank you for all the great love I have received, far and wide. Love is the juice of life. Just think, we only have to pass love around to one another for it to grow. That’s the coolest thing. Do you feel the love?


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