Moon Message :: 8.18.2016

two and a half

Two and a half!

Moon Message August 18, 2016 :: Grandmother’s Basket || Full Moon in Aquarius

A pause to remember initiations
Palms together, I bow to you
Soul Sisters for powerful journeys!

Anniversary time for Soul Stories:
Nine Passages of Initiation
, today
The book is the tender age of one!

I give thanks to Grandmother Moon
And Earth Mother and you.

A virtual circle in the digital realm, a book club in the East, a daring women’s circle in the West, and private journeys all around the Spiral, our lives as Soul Sisters have been enriched by each other’s Soul journeys, let’s celebrate.

Another pause to remember those in danger, and so many who are suffering: I am in prayerful awe of the very long string of natural disasters on Earth, praying for mercy!

When I asked my two & 1/2 year old granddaughter to take me for a walk, she was delighted to hold her own blunt scissors. “Let’s go to the woods to celebrate your half-birthday.” “Okay,” she said. While we were away, kissing the Earth with our feet and snipping tiny samples of flowers and weeds, a download came into my heart straight from the Squirrel and the Rabbit, from the Birch and the Cedar. We inspected Woodpecker’s hole for inspiration. We chewed on Sassafras and Ginger Roots for flavor and fun. She felt the enchantment of the little mushrooms called Birch polypores, I did too. We gathered a lot. They went into Grandmother’s Basket.

Each day makes its own basket of joy. Messages from the Ancestors, with a toddler translator, the love notes my heart received, renewed my interested in the cobblestones on the Life Spiral, the thousands of days of development between Passage ceremonies. In our new book Nine Passages for Women and Girls, the ceremonies have all been honored and storied. We are able to work together now, and yes please, let’s do improve my early efforts, let’s honor and keep what we love about our culture and re-design what needs an upgrade using the Cobblestone circles where your stories unfold.

I am becoming the nursery log, the fallen tree where others take root, the one that falls into decay to nourish all the rest of the forest. That is the idea, practice rituals, improve them, and consciously create the whole journey of life between Rites of Passage ceremonies; Threshold rituals are the magnificent punctuation at the end of thousands of brilliant days of personal development.

So here’s the question haunting my journey: How can we see the big picture of our lives from the tiny space of one day? Soul knows. Awakening, gradually, to our higher consciousness, celebrating ourselves and our families, relief comes by remembering that ceremonies are for the Village. Share your stories, share ideas that cause your stardust to shine; help us define what goes on in the Cobblestones. This is where Soul and Genius lives.

Grandmother’s Basket is carried in the shine of this Full visioning Moon. Our Basket, gathering power through the personal and collective mythologies we each carry, restful and peaceful, offers balance for our chaotic world. The Basket represents a cooperative effort of many women creatively sharing our secrets of conscious awakening and growing up our children. More will be illumined in the dark of our New Moon dreams. The energy is so big and we are so small. Dream of balance my Dearhearts.

There is more to come …

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