Moon Message :: 2.14.2016

Moon Message #7.16 :: Sacred Activism || Half Moon in Taurus

Dearhearts, I wanted to share Brene Brown with you today, but one would say, she kicked my butt. She is far too big and, well, I was not up to it today. More important than guilt and shame, than courage and vulnerability, Brene coaches us back into the arena of life. Daring Greatly and Rising Strong are both masterworks and deserve more than I could muster. Feeling well fed by her offerings, I wrote you a poem and wish you a most divine heart day.

Filled with Honor
©2016 Gail Burkett

I feel a bow in my long back, I am leaning toward you
When I rise again to fill my lungs with God’s rarified air
I bow the other way hoping your juju comes into me

Darlings, I am writing about you and about me
This is the hardest work of my whole long life

Half Moon in Taurus 2014

Half Moon in Taurus 2014

Your life is the miracle we must learn to speak about

Women of a certain age, how did you come to be you?
We are not generic, in fact we are radically different
What Divine Guidance brought you so far, will you tell?

In the horrors of our darkest nights we seek light for ourselves
Life is so much more beautiful and still despairingly ugly
We seek those who are awake to understand consciousness

When we locate our inner light our activism must grow
Our truths need to reach Souls who cling to the dark side
We must break the trajectory of destiny where dark might win

How can the horrors all around the planet be possible?
Almost no one escapes, but those who have touched divinity
Need to be truthful about survival and how to thrive

Our actual choice-making could be spelled out in music
The universal language, much less fearful than poetry
Even movies tell some truth showing extreme violence

Life in many parts of the world are equally as violent
As the rawest of Hollywood’s movies, some layer of truth
Exaggerated for ratings, why not just show real lives?

At the lowest point in our lives, blank, a story remains hidden
Can we find the courage, the chutzpah to be vulnerable
There is shame beneath every person’s personal mask

Women have shame hidden from other women, men from men
Men hide shame from women, women hide from men
Will we ever be vulnerable enough to unmask our pain?

Will we feel free if we tell this truth to our friends?
Perhaps our shame will be doubled, does that vulnerability
Matter, a freedom comes with such a truth, a stress relieved

Together we can be radical enough to release comparison
To ease our lives with less competition, let go of smallness
Releasing ‘good, better, best’ will create shame resilience

Find your confidants and tell the whole messy truth for once
This is one thing we must strive for, it would make life true
Instead of made up or illusory or disguised or false

When you get over it, the shame, you will be on your way
You can reach for light and take others with you on this journey
Consciousness offers a vast unchartered territory for everyone

Ultimately, what could this possibly mean for our planet?
This is the question we receive from the Divine on our walks
How can more people increase their love for Mother Earth?

Circling back to your hard work, consciousness presents herself
Through ritual, through silence, through deep listening, she’s there
Just beyond the veil of this physical reality massaging your Soul

Talk to yourself first, a confidant, a women’s circle
Your Elder, your Mentor, you must talk to know your own divinity
Use elements available to every woman, Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Let’s read Brené Brown, Liz Gilbert, Helen Luke and Marion Woodman
Listen to Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Alice Walker, Carolyn Myss and music
Pray to the collective of Goddesses and walk with the Womb of the Universe

Dearhearts, I urge all of us to get radical with consciousness and share
The Seventh Generation lies in our arms and Mothers beg for our help
Dance, dance, dance, reach for a teen age girl and bring her along with you

Give birth to your Divine Feminine.


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