Moon Message :: 2.8.2016

Moon Message # 6.16 :: Celebrating Yoni || New Moon in Aquarius

Do I trammel on Sanskrit by using the term Yoni for women’s sacred mystery? I have no intention to trammel on my native heritage, either, by bringing back a power play for women, a Vision Quest. You could simply call this your Moontime or even your New Moon celebration but please find your quiet center and rejuvenate.

Go out and visit the Earth.

Lavish yourself with a spa day at home,
Candles please, soft lights, and flowing music
If you are new to Woman’s Vision Quest
Build an altar to make your space sacred,
Add flowers, incense, a crystal and a prayer for yourself …

Grandmother Moon or la Luna are names of endearment for all of us to use as we wish. Moon brings us the same holy invitation 13 times a year, when she is in her Dark of the Moon phase: “Please rest and rejuvenate,” she whispers. On New Moon days, sit in quiet reflection of the past Moon cycle; look hopefully forward and set an intention for the next. Look at the long line of Elders with me. We have been doing this for many decades and want to give you our model of finding sacred for yourself and your Yoni.

If you’re willing to slow yourself down for one of the Moon’s dark days, you may find a new practice begin to show up for you.

I love this paradigm shift, something very big is happening to and for women. Feel courageous and generous as the New Moon arrives for your visioning. I offer the following excerpt from First Blood in my new book, Nine Passages. Aquarius Moon and Aquarius Sun have lined up for visioning, clarify your New Year intentions in the silence of this New Moon.

Women’s Vision Quest

Yes, Women, there is a spiritual connection that will deepen with the practice of tending to your womb’s request for quiet. Women’s ways are changing from the industrial frenzy and a need to act-as-if nothing is happening. Rather new, changing one woman at a time, Women’s Vision Quest is the deliberate celebration of Blood time, around the world now referred to as Moontime.

Personal peace and power depend on contemplative rest while seeking one’s deep inner intention that wants to come to the surface. This is the quest for a vision, month by month. When the youngest new women receive this teaching as a practice and see it modeled by their Mothers as it is modeled by their Grandmothers, quiet time will lead to increased power for visioning our lives.

Psychologically, women hold enormous amounts of grief. Sitting in the spiritual company of millions of women creates a perfect cradle for all our collective grief. Release it, deliberately, and as soon as possible. So many women have looked squarely into this sacred intersection of blood flowing with the Moon’s power. See this obvious connection for yourself and create a reliable practice with initiation. Receive this gift of Blood with your heart-open. Welcome to womanhood. These teachings will change the culture for women.

I believe circles of women and girls making ceremony can shift the paradigm and completely change the world in divinely feminine ways.

Women can learn to slow our tempos, and gift to ourselves and each other our most valuable offering―focused attention. We can discover a practice of self-care. As our own witness, month to month, we can track growth and expand on our deepest dreams. Wherever we locate quiet, there is where we dare to dream.

Passing this teaching to the newest woman, the Elder says, “Spirit cries out from the Cosmos. Feel related to your Mother Earth. Listen to your womb and take the intuitive information that comes into your body-mind as a gift. Conscious connection to Moon and Earth and Sky will teach you how you might direct your life. Receive your month-by-month vision to guide your life and build your Soul connection.”

Women seek answers to their spirit directed questions: Is my life on track? Am I working toward my higher purpose? Do my spirit sisters need to hear from me? Did they have a vision on their Moontime? Have I found the personal keys to happiness and fulfillment? What do I need? Questions are paramount for growth.

Are you on track with your hopes and dreams? Whether women are alone or in the company of their Moon Lodge or Red Tent Sisters, the part that matters the most is our collective visioning. What question are you holding right now?

MMC in ceremony

Nine Passages coming out on the New Moon in June 2016

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