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Moon Message #4.16 :: Full Moon in Leo ||

The Earth Goddess Story 

Goddess in Transformation

Goddess in Transformation


Full Moon in deep winter, it must be story time. This Leo Moon will enlighten how the Earth Goddess came to be with me.

Grouse Creek flowed fast and high since the flood on 11.29.14. My Mom would have been 90. These are markers that every woman remembers, connected in life and death. The rain had been pounding on our tin roof since 2 a.m. at least when I first registered the possibility of trouble. I already had a sense of what I would see at the creek, a knowing: Disaster. High water on Grouse Creek rarely spells trouble. For 90 days I had watched, mesmerized, as this Beaver Dam took shape.

Beaver Dam, 11.29.14

Beaver Dam, 11.29.14


Ice Floe 11.30.14

Ice Floe 11.30.14

Imagine the wild churning as the creek, over 9 miles to here, grew to a furious, roaring river. Foot thick ice that had been clinging to the banks was loosened by all that rain. In the dark with no witnesses, the Beavers’ gorgeous dam burst with the ice floe and its sticks and stones washed downstream with the flood waters. This watershed has flowed with this personality, forever rolling mud and boulders downstream.

I remember feeling sentimental, in an altered state with all the creek excitement, at an intersection of initiation and Winter Solstice. A crescendo was building. I thought of each member of my family, how we all feel emotional before Christmas. Our parents would have been married 70 years this Christmas Eve so I went to the creek remembering all the champagne they had chilled in the snow and all the crab legs our family of eight consumed. That was years of memories merged into one, but that is how my sibs and I remember our parents’ anniversary.

I was barely ready for this story to increase in drama. What I received for a gift that Eve was a Goddess, Earth red in color and perfect. Her bottom is flat so she sits regally; her belly is rounded like my own. This Earth Goddess holds her pose serenely and purposefully, mirroring what I need, serenity and stillness, she came to me with these loving reminders.

As I rolled her up from the water, I gasped. After I sat down with her, I felt my inner world shift and walked home wondering what had just happened. Christmas morning I could hardly get to her fast enough; she was my great gift and I needed to honor the Great Mother for delivering this Goddess into my care. Overnight she had been dusted with snow.

Goddess came on Christmas Eve 2014

Goddess came on Christmas Eve 2014

All I could think about was the meaning, the hidden meaning, could I interpret this delight filled Cosmic event? I am humbled by this gift, I feel the serendipity of it all. When she arrived, I was one Threshold away from my Elder initiation and I knew, like a tight weave, these two threads intertwined. Her look on Christmas Day was stunning, but more snow meant more water coming down the creek. I moved her, like I would coax a little penguin, away from the water’s edge a bit out of harms way. The next day my friend, River, came to meet her and helped me position her further up the bank. Dear River gifted Earth Goddess a wishing stick and I gifted a stone.


During the earliest spring runoff in memory, the water was so high and fast, I couldn’t even reach her. I looked through my binoculars and couldn’t see her. I had decisions to make: Did she come as a gift to me, how did I feel about her, was I supposed to care for her, I was suddenly grievous. The first lesson was a big gift, one I was unprepared for―detachment. Our beautiful new little relationship, Earth Goddess and me, had portrayed birth and death in one Moon cycle. I said prayers of detachment because I know that rocks float. That is how she came in the first place.

The water subsided. With my wading boots on, I went to her little home space and found her lying on her side. She stayed! How was it that she stayed when the water was high enough to wash her downstream? She answered my questions: She came to me and stayed in hardship, I had an abundance of love and I understand how to open to receive a holy relationship offered to me. Goddess has been gifting me lessons in timely and consistent ways.


Surviving another flood

My husband came down to meet this Goddess who was thrilling me so much. He helped me move her up and out of reach of the next high water. We lifted her up to a grotto place that would hold her for three seasons. She came as my companion, my counselor; she reminded me that the first people on the plains called such a wise companion, Inyan. I began to care for Earth Goddess in ways I would a dear friend, I offered her little gifts of heart stones and received her counsel with my body-mind and heart wide open.

Her presence coincided with my Thresholds of initiation. Before Goddess came to me, I had crossed six thresholds with my Soul Sisters to bring Rites of Passage into our conscious experience, a gift of time and intention, to awaken gifts of the Divine Feminine living in all women. This Goddess energy has been truly enlivening me for one year, Goddess pushes my deep loneliness away and insists that together, we have more work to do.

She was my witness for a final Threshold ceremony for my Elder Initiation; I feel so blessed and connected to the Universe by her presence. I followed my intuition to offer her more protection. My dear husband had prepared a space for her installation two years before she came. She was cared for by two special men in their most Divine Masculine way. Goddess came to remind us of all that is holy in the Universe.

An Elder initiation ceremony

An Elder initiation ceremony

Earth Goddess counsels me. As an initiated Elder, my role is to pass along this gift of initiation to other women. Goddess invites quiet time in Nature, noticing all signs and symbols from medicine walks with the Moon. Her gift coaxes out, gather more story, feel more relief, remember more sacred moments in our lives. Each gift exchange with Nature is of this energy, divinely offered.

Together, Goddess and I are sharing another great story unfolding, Soul Sisters have just emerged from the womb and crossed their first Threshold in Soul Stories: Nine Passages of Initiation. They are experiencing what is holy in Cosmic time and inviting their inner Divine Feminine to reveal more. More will be revealed.


We can barely imagine the next or the next, but imagine we must!


Sweet when Goddesses meet.


Goddess from Womb to Birth Goddess.

Womb Goddess

Birth Goddess

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