Moon Message :: 7.4.16

Moon Message #27 :: Announcing Book Launch || New Moon in Cancer
Announcing Nine Passagessm
I can barely hold my excitement. The book I’ve worked on for more than 6 years is now available on Amazon with wide distribution: Nine Passages for Women and Girls: Ceremonies and Stories of Transformation. Thanks to God and Goddess, thanks to the Council of Initiates, thanks to you Dearhearts, and thanks to TreeSisters for giving us a way to donate for tree planting for Mother Earth! Oh my, the gratitude I feel is immense.

This is a time for visionaries, the New Moon and Neptune  are freeing and playing with our imaginations. My highest intention is a promise to bring Rites of Passage back to the culture. Women are culture makers by our natures, we are the makers of our Village life, and we are the leaders of ceremony for our families and communities. Our sense of belonging and our highest sense of self both reflect back to us from our closest relations. Rites of Passage is a ceremony of acknowledgment for any of the nine Thresholds or major development markers of maturity and change. Nine Passages for Women and Girls teaches what to look for in yourself and your family members and shares an inspiring true story of transformation for each one of the nine biological changes common to women, including Birth and Death.

My intention for this New Moon is to bring this book to your attention, first, answer any of your questions about Rites of Passage, and invite you to raise your curiosity about ceremonies for yourself and your family members. Change is everywhere, a constant, and begs us to notice. We all deserve recognition for each of our life stages, and at each Threshold, an honoring for the accumulation of our stories and experiences. It’s simple and complex.

Will you be an Evolutionary Woman and help bring back Rites of Passage back to the culture? Nine Passages is our book-mentor, our guide and reference manual, a gentle voice of encouragement. Here is your invitation to be an Evolutionary!!

Short & Sweet, on River time,
Blessings on your journeys, Darlings.

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