Moon Message :: 6.27.2016

Moon Message #26, June 27, 2016 :: The Book! || Half Moon in Aries


Up on the deer’s trail I walk slowly to release 10 years of holy process. In my sacred and quiet meditation, I am remembering ceremonies, luminous times of transformation for women and girls. Each Soul came under my wing for only a brief moment in her large life, but my squinty eyes tell me, it was a stellar moment.

In each ceremony, I too was changed. I became an Elder Mentor one woman, one girl at a time. I have now published many of those stories as inspiration and nourishment for Mothers and Grandmothers, for Aunties and Mentors. This opus seems hefty even to me.* In the first half of each of the Nine Passages for Women and Girls, I hear my own voice as a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. Our personal development is a gradual process of awakening. We were born to be Evolutionaries! It’s best if we take consciousness a bit more seriously.

Each of us came to Earth as a sparkling gemstone with unpolished facets. We need confidants to hear ourselves speak-out the magic we have hidden inside; these helpers are Mentors, older, wiser and who stand apart from peers. In my years of cultural inspection, I see how desperately we each need mentoring; Nine Passages, the book, is my voice of encouragement.

In the second half of each Passage, a ceremony story comes alive in delicious detail, thanks so much to Janis Monaco Clark, my Editor; she has made my words sing. Rituals practiced consciously, deliberately, form a string of pearls which lead to a ceremony.

When a developmental Threshold rises by your Soul’s insistence, a bundle of stories begins to invite change on a new scale. You might think, radical change and be correct, something extraordinary and far beyond the mundane. This is a Passage gateway, a Threshold invited by your Soul. To be an Evolutionary Woman, you will need to listen for each one of your Soul’s invitations.

I am pleased to introduce Nine Passages for Women and Girls: Ceremonies and Stories of Transformation. Surely you have a story of change, probably someone you love most is nearing a Threshold. All the guidance and inspiration you need comes alive in these Passages. We spent a couple of extra years making sure nothing was left out before we could launch this book.

Thank you for finding the end of this thread of words. In each ending, a sacred beginning waits. Write to me if I can answer your heart’s desire for a ceremony. I send you my whole heart of love.

* In gratitude and perpetuity: 1% of each book-sale contributes to TreeSisters’ regeneration campaigns for planting trees.


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