Moon Message :: 6.20.2016


Moon Message #25, June 20, 2016 :: Holy Senses || 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius

 I’ve just gone on RiverTime, a summer of …

 The poetry of this day is a celebration of the Sun

We would not, could not be without the Sun
So cross your hands over your heart
Say little prayers of gratitude and reach for the Sun
The Sun’s rays shine in on your heart to reveal your sparkles.

Wow, I started writing this blog a year ago
I have learned to be introspective and contemplative
I have learned to hold you in my heart, walk with me?

Lately, I’ve been walking a deer’s trail, my feet kiss the Earth
In my head and my heart, my feet are kissing Mother
This is the sweetest meditation I have ever found

My ears and my eyes plant Nature between my head and my heart ―
It must work because an emptiness comes
Suddenly I’m one with the Earth.

 Birdsong and horizon lines take away all of my worries
In the newness of this season, cleansing releasing preparing for renewal
We each carry a sensory overload from family and tribe
From social media and all of the friends we love so much

All around the landscape spaces, sacred and loved,
Near and far, places rest on our timelines decorated with photographs
Facebook meets our need for connection, is this true?
Stories flow gathering more sensory inputs, we pray for fluidity.

Spend a few moments with Mother to take back your life.

Time is a change agent; I am feeling deeply changed from a year ago
I know you are changed too, we are Women in Nature
Re-learning our freedom song ―

Flow Ceremony:
I’ve just finished a book where everyone of us can find ourselves

Nine Passages and Soul Stories both now done-done means this, Dr. E was right
The 10,000 hour project for my Elder Encore lives there, at the finish line.
Janice, my dear editor, made my life work good for you

Our Elder mentoring voice speaks to you in the stage of life you claim.

So, now I walk the deer’s trail, emptying, rejuvenating
I’m returning to the flow of the river sound in my ears up here on the high trail
One door opens and another closes, it’s a Holy Threshold I’m on today

 A similar Threshold of celebration awaits you.

Take your feet outside to disappear your worries
Find the gap between your head and your heart invite the flow
I am with you and you are with me and we are one.

No matter which inputs you are bundling today, use a single golden thread
Playfully wrap your thread around spring, saying au revoir

I wish you a most-most joyful summer season
Play! Play well my Dearhearts,

See you down the trail of hearts and flowers!

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