Moon Message :: 6.12.2016

Moon Message 24, June 12, 2016 :: On Sisterhood || Half Moon in Virgo

In reviewing my span of lived days, such an essence has been revealed that I can barely hold. It begins with this wise statement, “We were born for this time.”

To enhance this thought, every day of my life has been a training ground. I have a memory and an imagination for its depth and breadth: It began as a middle child, as a child laborer, as one who dutifully sat for thousands of days in a school chair. My days continued through assassinations, civil rights movement, Viet Nam protests, and the ambitious, noisy second wave of the Women’s movement. I was born for this, all of these events formed my training ground. You too, were born for this time.

Like you, I have suffered days of pain and injury, days of psychic numbness, I have found ―within this suffering―an internal guidance system that never ceases to astonish me. By listening for new directions each day, those that arrive not from my thinking mind, I see how I fit into the cosmic whole.

Women have evolved and I see this visibly in the hearts and eyes of my Sisters. We are Evolutionaries! Every day that we spend time in Nature, with our Great Mother the Earth, tending to our inner terrain through self-care, in meditation, in silent wonderment asking ever deeper questions, we rise another inch above the oppression and the numbing of the over-culture. When we do this for ourselves, we radiate the consequences. Our response may be, “I feel alive, I feel deep joy, I feel more whole every day.”

Sisters, Daughters, this is our right. Ceremony

If you do feel oppressed and your choices have boxed you in, receive kisses from all the women who have every lived. If you feel completely overwhelmed by world politics, by bombings, by the millions of Souls displaced in camps, open your arms to those women and children, to all the people mired there. We can model peace within our own skin, we can rise up out of oppression. We can only do this in unison, helping one another.

Sisters, together we are using ceremony more often, we are circling and we are shedding our grief. In a continuous evolutionary journey, many more of us are finding first glimpses of wholeness. I have a memory longer than 60 years and I can say, women together are so much sweeter, stronger, and healthy. To those who love you enough to see you, hold out your hands in gratitude. To those who need a hand, an embrace, do not hesitate, women are stronger together. Remember, “We were born for this time.”

JOYFUL ANNOUNCEMENT: Our new ceremonial tome for women and girls of all ages is literally “in press.” I can’t wait to share with you beautiful Evolutionaries! Edited by Janis Monaco Clark and designed by Laura Wahl. Yes, written by yours truly, but you have provided me with so much good company. Corks are poised to pop. Wait for it ….

Nine Passages for Women and Girls: Ceremonies and Stories of Transformation (July, 2016).

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