Moon Message :: 6.4.2016

Moon Message 23, 2016 :: Designing a Life || New Moon in Gemini

I’ve been teaching Cosmic language to a lovely group of initiates. Perhaps you would like a peek inside this ancient secret. I feel sure this comes from the Ancestors.

We begin simply with the New Moon. Thankfully the relationship between the Moon and Earth is older than the hills, the tree people atop mountains and along rivers, the oceans and the fields. Absolutely everything feels the influence of this relationship: Animals that walk, birds and bugs that fly, even the creepy crawling things who hug the Earth design their lives around the Moon and the Sun in connection to the Earth. Why not you?

I wrote this poem for a beautiful circle of initiates and want to share it now, why not …

New Moon in Junepoppy

You may have heard me say, “Initiation happens
Every day,” truly this is the heart of our Soul.

Something needs integrating, some little force
Blows through to cause an adjustment, accept or reject
We always have choices in the way life flows into us.

We are gatherers, we accumulate experiences
Some enlarge our spirits, others make us cringe.

Once each Moon cycle we each need to set aside
Personal moments or hours, a solitary walk or journal time
Because we have attuned to New Moon timings,
Use them to assess, to release, and to set new intentions.

This single teaching could change the world, truly

Women’s two powers of creativity and curiosity
Need this ancient little structure for private observation
Assess how the prior month changed perspectives
Grieve and release all that doesn’t serve our higher Self
Lean into our natural Genius/Soul for heart-full intentions.

13 times this opportunity comes around to women (and men)
What was important during the last Moon cycle? What was not?
I begin two days ahead, simply holding these questions.

I am imagining and training my Spiritual Elder self just now,
The Moons before that Threshold actually arrives will serve
A very high purpose, the core meaning of my life has appeared
How am I to be when I step across? the answer is up to me.

Allow me to model for you, I have re-tuned to cosmic intuition
Curiosity feels the fire of Mars and creativity hears Neptune’s heart.

The esoteric language of the Universe comes in slowly.

No matter the work in front of us on any given day, we have company
Consider the stardust with which we each were born, we had to learn
To understand our genetic code, then we are set free to interpret
All the other influences, Guardians, Allies, Planets, God/Goddess,
Each person has a ton of help to awaken to, to support our Earth walk.

That there is a Genius inside of you, I personally have no doubt.

Crossing your Thresholds you have discovered your internal flame.

Be curious about yourself, you are infinite and boundless
Be curious about the Universe, it too is infinite and boundless

Keep your heart safe and clean by using the New Moon structure
Each Moon you may design your life with gratitude for la Luna.

I send my whole heart of love to you!

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