Moon Message :: 5.29.2016

Moon Message 22, 2016 :: Getting Ready || Half Moon in Pisces

Om by Laura Wahl

Om by Laura Wahl

I feel the energy building now, I feel called to get ready for what is coming. I cleared my beloved altar and placed every item in a rejuvenation basket. I polished the oak table and left it empty one night. Longing rose to do a ceremony on an ordinary day―not a Holyday, not a Moon day, just an ordinary woman’s altar making day.

So much is precious to me, candles for the four winds, four seasons, and the four aspects of self―child, adolescent, adult, elder. In the center a doily to hold my Grandmother’s stone. This is literally a stone from my Grandmother’s collection; I took it from her garden long after she had passed. In her young adult life, she was known for finding the gemstones of Idaho, often on the top of the very tall mountains where she lived. Then, I placed her photograph to rest in front of the Ancestor I have been holding since I met my husband. Nearly 17 years ago, his buddy on Vision Quest gave this sacred keepsake to me to keep for a while, an African carving of a Grandfather. In that same gifting ceremony, Kathleen Bjorkman Wilson gave me a rattle that has a permanent home on my altar.

From the rejuvenation basket, I picked out the pot shards, a very large handful were gifted to me. The collector, a much younger version of my esteemed editor, Janis Monaco Clark created a ceremony of these precious shards which came from Grandmother Ancestors, women who made pots in the New Mexico lands, each shaped and painted to fire our imaginations. Their footprints were so light, the shards are their only evidence of being.

Elders who walk with me have been using sacred cornmeal ground and blessed by an Apache maiden―I keep this connection to time long ago in a tiny parfleche painted with a Turtle by Claire Walpole, who walks in both worlds.

I received a polished stone and an ogham reading from Gail Daehlin and a polished spiral from Arianna Husband for the road ahead. You both have a life-long place on my altar. A couple of years ago, we went together to Michael Meade’s long ritual weekend and I have two words he gifted me, a year apart, Gratitude and Vision. Those words, hand-painted on sticks, guide me how to live my Elder years.

Karie Knoke gave me sacred ashes from the 13 Grandmother gathering in Lame Deer. A few years after that, Grandmother Margaret came to our women’s circle tell her story of travelling with those global Grandmas while we shaped clay. Storytelling is part of womanhood and the clay dolls made during those two weekends represent the oldest and the youngest generations. Stories and Grandkids have a natural home on my altar. I see how everything is connected with a story.

A pair of Nature Grandmothers were given to me by Tara Lee and Paula Johnson. They are hanging in there even after my puppy chomped them. Nature has a welcome place on my altar, an obsidian piece from Rachel Rauch, holds a gift from a raven and a wolf―a feather and a bone stuffed with deer hair. Raven is repeated two more times, Julia Jalesak gifted me raven jewelry and Deborah Hart Gift gave me a vision of a raven and a water pool, so a tiny bowl for water holds a magic wand I received years ago, crystals encased in silver from Diana Eldridge.

A deer antler from my sweet foster daughter, Kanga Katrin, holds the memory of living weekends together in Colorado in a boxcar that was perched at 8000’. Saying the Memorial Day prayers for all who have crossed, I have a tiny hummingbird’s nest from Hattie Goodman in which I placed a teeny bird skull to remind me that life is precious and fleeting; Death walks with us every single day.

Shining over all of these altar items, the Moon card from Jean Herzel’s Nature Spirit Tarot cards, and the Joy card I received from Becky Jaine. Marilyn McIntyre’s art blesses my intentions with a special grace. When the candles are lit, I offer to one and all, a bit of smudge smoke from sweet grass braided by Kimberlie Gridley. Two adopted daughters have girls who call me Grandmother, I blow kisses to babies of Cassie Faggion and Sophia Rubedo. This is how I step up to the altar each day, in reverence and silence.

The altar is set now to hold my intentions as they become clear through the Moons―Half, New, Full Half―as the Sun takes us into and through the summer. My friends have taught me well, I thank you all for your great gifts.

That’s my altar story. Silent prayers and intentions guide me into the future. Putting my hands together in prayer mudra, I wish you joyfully, happy days of late spring and through the summer. We honor the fallen heroes as well as all Ancestors who have crossed. I feel a silent honoring for all the trees that fall and the good folks who plant more. Om.

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