Moon Message :: 5.14.2016

Moon Message #20, 2016 :: Release || Half Moon in Leo

Goddess Preparing for a Release Ceremony

Goddess Preparing for a Release Ceremony

As I lay in my bath last night and gazed up at la Luna in her beautiful Half Moon presence, I knew this blog was out of time. Maybe this is the essence of being human, we move in and out of time, in and out of balance.

You may be familiar with my struggle. Nine Passages is a book of women’s ceremony stories, but its true, whole title eluded me. I felt the same struggle when I was searching for the complete picture. Because life is informed by personal stories, this project of following the threads back to Rites of Passage was no different. I looked for developmental clues and in you my Dearhearts, all the mirrors were there. Since I made this my grail search, I found what I was seeking.

Nine Passages was not obvious at first. Most women remember their first signs of womanhood. Some of us even make that a primary pattern of resistance, trying as we might to reject the change from child to woman. I discovered that focusing on ceremonies for the pubescent girl, my own resistance to change began to soften. By focusing on girls, I learned that Mothers and Grandmothers who offer ceremonies that celebrate their girls, that simple gift of ceremony causes resistance to change to melt away. For everyone, the journey seems sweeter and the next change is anticipated.

Different parts fell into place at different times until the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. Well that was predictable, who’s the magician now? The sexes really are different, but the differences are subtle. When it comes to change each woman and man absorbs time and change with resistance or with grace. Do you remember the catalysts of change that have made you who you are today? Nine Passages will help you remember.

Yesterday was a day like no other, I kissed my book team and released the Nine Passages book to its designer, Laura Wahl. We had a very fine ceremony, candles and intentions for a good journey forward. Janis Monaco Clark worked so hard to bring sheen to my words and ideas that she fell fast asleep in her garden. When I think of her dedication, I am pleased to see how this little nap story brought back the twinkle in her eyes. Mother Earth helped her release. I am going to play with my granddaughter to move my release into the Earth.

The sacred energy of letting go is present like a promise, yes and like a gift. Release is happening everywhere simultaneously. Such good energy creates space for its partner energy, filling to become its own promise. So like the Moon coming into her fullness, filling every minute for the next week, we invite you to join this process. Begin to see change, to soften your resistance, and to celebrate the mirrors you find in your clan. Release and fill, absorb the teachings of the Moon.

Ah yes, the title is beautiful. Nine Passages for Women & Girls: Ceremonies & Stories of Transformation, it comes out first as a whole and then in four parts, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, and Elderhood. You will be the first to know when we release the whole, that’s a promise to keep with the Moon. The little books will be published individually and as a boxed set.

Moving through our agreement from Birth to Death, each of us encounters Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Elder. Nine Passages will be a teaching gift, so my book team returns now to filling, that process will take two more Moons. Watch here for giveaways as part of a book launch. Think about where you are on the Spiral of Life and your next ceremony, will you resist or accept your next Threshold of change? Excerpts will be our gifts, coming soon. Join me in anticipation …
Nine Passages, this is women’s journey through the Life Spiral.

Middle Child
First Blood
First Flight
Womanhood Bloom
Deepening Womanhood
Elder Encore
Spiritual Elder

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