Moon Message :: 5.7.2016

Moon Message #19. 2016 :: Gentle Earth Energy || New Moon in Taurus

Dearhearts, the Cosmic Coyote thumped me good this week. I had a complete computer stoppage, thus no timely New Moon blog. Taurus captioned
It was the planets in reverse, probably, or the last moments of the Aries Old Moon. Whatever the storm, the little shell of me eventually returns to upright.

I see it this way: I was actually meant to send this bright, sweet message as a Mother’s Day greeting to you all. So, here is a gentle hug and a kiss for your cheek, little Momma. Happy, joyful Mother’s Day!

Such elegant timing belongs to the Cosmic Coyote because I have been tap dancing on the keyboard for 5 years preparing this gift for you, Mothers. The guide to Rites of Passage that I call Nine Passages is prepared by the Elder Mentor’s spirit as a gift to all Mothers for your children and for yourself. All stages of life are represented, each with a good ceremonial story of initiation to inspire ceremonies in your life.

If you’ve become a Grandmother or like me, have no actual offspring, still good. The Mentor’s voice is unmistakable. Aunties and Mentors are the heart of the Village; our roots hold firm to the bedrock while the winds blow around Mothers as overwhelm, expectations, or sheer weariness of sleep deprivation, unfulfilled sexual desires, and too many dishes and loads of laundry. The voice of the Village Mentor soothes, understands, and watches the children grow. Occasionally, we can actually be helpful.

In our watchfulness and with a bit of practice, we can see a Rites of Passage coming. Keywords like searching, questing, or the reverse, forlorn and lost all are signs of readiness to embrace change. Every day initiation happens, but the bundle of sacred events, with the Village standing in ceremonial witness, opens the door to reveal a beckoning Threshold. The Soul who crosses a Threshold becomes an Evolutionary, welcoming change, ready to meet a new facet of their Soul-self.

Accompanying each of the Nine developmental Thresholds, other ceremonies brighten our life stories, such as graduations, birthdays, births of babies, and sacred unions. The Rites of Passage Thresholds are waiting on the sidelines, hidden from view because change is subtle, often fraught with resistance. Holy change may be coaxed out into the light by an invitation from conscious adults. Like much goodness rising to the surface in this century, Rites of Passage ceremonies are making a comeback after so much time out of the mainstream.

Wait for the drumroll, you will be the first to know when we go to press. For the Mothers and for the Village surrounding your children, I wish only to cheer you on, make your life sweet and fill in a missing piece for our culture.

Hands together in a prayer mudra, I am bowing to Mothers of dogs and cats, goats, horses, and beautiful, luminous children of all ages and sizes. Blessings from the Elder Mentor’s spirit.



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