Moon Message :: 4.30.2016

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Moon Message #18, 2016 :: Help, Please || Half Moon in Aquarius

Look out there to the Cosmos, this is a moment to watch. There is more going on than meets the eye and there is more to learn. We are inside of Beltane season and to help celebrate, it’s also retrograde season. More than half of our planetary influences are in reverse motion: Jupiter and Saturn, then Mars and Pluto, and now Mercury. I am reaching for one of Anne Lamott’s prayers, WOW. If you had to find ways to cope yesterday, you were not alone. What does it all mean?

I love the cross quarter day of Beltane coming on Sunday, it’s the mark of high spring and remarkably early here in the north woods. Beltane is a very old woman’s ceremony day―find deep personal silence, tell the Universe about your heart intentions, then put a flower in your hair and post a selfie!

This is a luscious, interesting moment to ask for your help. As you have guessed, I have written a book which Janis Monaco Clark is editing now. We think we are too close to decide. Laura Wahl is starting to tap her fingers; we’re on her production deck.

From the large book, Nine Passages for Women and Girls: Gifts of Transformation from the Elders, another inspiration rises on the wings of Aquarius. Have all these retrogrades been fuel for this audacious moment that we may ask for your help? We barely dared to whisper this to each other as Mercury was slowing down. Here it is―our conundrum.

We would like to offer a boxed set of these books as ___ blank. Please help us decide on the title for the little books, the Quadrants of Nine Passages. We all know these stages of development as Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Elder. Since production really caught fire over the long winter past, I have used this word, Fieldguide. It’s true, an extraordinary mind-twist might include women in nature. These four little books, pulled out of the bigger volume, are they worthy of the Fieldguide category?

  • Mentor’s manuals?
  • Elder’s Guides through the Life Cycles?
  • Fieldguides for Woman’s Nature: Child, Adolescent, Adult, Elder.

You see how this is a pinnacle moment for me: All of the changes women track through our lives deserve celebrations, Rites of Passage ceremonies, probably many more than Nine Passages. These nine biological changes are common to every woman. To bring Passage ceremonies back to the culture, we must act inclusively. Even being gender specific, I feel apologetic but I feel certain women will translate for the men.

Please post your opinion, every woman has one. We all thank you. Do these titles work for you?

Nine Passages for Women and Girls: Gifts of Transformation from the Elders (in press, 2016)

Unique Editions of Nine Passages:

Children’s Fieldguide to Initiation: Birth to First Blood

                Adolescent’s Fieldguide to Initiation: First Blood to Womanhood Bloom

                Womanhood’s Fieldguide to Initiation: Womanhood Bloom to Elder Encore

                 Elder’s Fieldguide to Initiation: Elder Encore to Death


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