Moon Message :: 4.21.2016

Moon Message #17.2016 :: Fear meets Purpose || Full Moon in Scorpio

Changing Girl

Changing Girl

I combed out my hair and put on heart earrings from Paris, for peace and love. I placed my Elder’s shawl around my shoulders, smoothed everything out and stood before my altar. What wants to come? I dipped my fingers in water, there, massaged my Raven pendant and kissed the Spiral.

Silence. Wait for it.
What wants to come through this ceremony?

If I told you I was afraid, you would shake your head. Then, you might ask, “What of?” I have never been afraid of death, of illness or injury because those have all been companions through this life. Through all my years I have only been afraid of you.

This is a day of release and a day of transformation, what happens if I release this fear illumined by the Scorpio Moon? That’s an unknown like many others but certainly I am going to feel different, better, freer.

So, okay, here goes. I have lit a circle of candles, one for the judgment I imagine, one for our diversity, another for how I perceive your inner critic’s arrow aimed at me, one candle is for you my Dearheart and another for me, and the last one for the five generations alive on Earth right now. If we could light a candle for all the people in ceremony celebrating Earth Day, all who enjoy the night-light on this Full Moon day, special for illuminating dark places, we would encircle the globe with candles. I hold this image as a gift for all of us, the people in the grass. Now, make a wish, hold an intention, send up a prayer and blow. It is so.

No longer afraid of you, I need to express my purpose. I have written a Mentor’s guide for Rites of Passage. For every woman, for every girl, for you and for me, for the five generations making the world a better place for the Seventh Generation we can barely imagine coming in the 22nd century. We are the Ancestors for those unborns. This is a gift book for the people in the grass, for you and your community working with the grassroots of family, of organizations, of schools and prayer centers. The gift is that we can hear each other’s hearts. My purpose is to add ceremonies of recognition at those special places where change has offered a new invitation to maturity.

I will be offering excerpts from Nine Passages, not as a tease but as an enticement. Do you know someone who might need recognition for change that involves messages from her Soul, a change that her body and mind can wholeheartedly embrace? We all know someone who is so dramatically altered the she barely recognizes her former self. Perhaps it is you.

Perhaps the needy one is the 8 year old who calls you Mother or Grandmother. Here is an excerpt from Nine Passages for this little darling who, if she receives a women’s circle welcome at this age, will not hesitate when you want to encircle her with a gifting ceremony at her First Blood time. This is how it goes around the Life Spiral of development; we must pause for ceremonies, at the cosmic expressions like our Ancestors, when Moons are New and Full, when the Sun marks a new season. I am adding ceremonies for maturity markers, the Nine Passages, as the way to grow up the culture from the little people in the grass all the way through lifetimes of growth, until grey hair falls on the shawl which marks our Elder ceremony. I bow to you this fine Spring day.

Between sleeping and waking, when change visits your daughter’s pillow, she begins a silent call for recognition, for initiation. You wonder why she’s cranky and she wants you to know she is different overnight. Change is the one great constant in the world. If we pay close attention to this call for acknowledgment and interpret it as a need for initiation, a celebratory life can be the way your family celebrates growth. Because Early Childhood is memorable our whole life long, a celebration honors these memories, and the arrival of Middle Childhood causes the spirit of this child to look forward to her next ceremonies.

How can you help your girl remember she has a special connection to the natural world? Here’s one way to excite and awaken her to deepen that connection. Teach her about women’s ritual and ceremony elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water combine alchemically, and in combination create every single sentient being. Take that thought to its natural conclusion: These elements also create literally every material thing on the planet.

Truly when your daughter (or son) reaches the stage of Middle Childhood, the highest value to your child comes through your acknowledgement that a change has occurred. As the age of responsibility and accountability, Middle Childhood provides a symbolic opportunity to use the teaching tools of ceremony to mark this change as the prelude to puberty. Dare we look forward to that stage, the great and intense change from childhood to womanhood? The notation of this Middle Childhood marker, makes celebrating the arrival of puberty more likely. I merely repeat myself for emphasis, as age 12 rolls into age 13, a girl unfamiliar with women’s ceremonies will more likely cave into peer pressure. One of the risks I wish to avert here is peers raising peers.

The act of celebrating markers of development, especially as a rite of initiation, is new in this culture but draws from old, old times before writing, before memory. I believe, searching through the oldest parts of our brains, we can remember. We come together in response to longings as old as those times out of memory. Each one of us knows how and what to do.

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