Moon Message :: 4.7.2016

Moon Message #15.2016 :: Transformation || New Moon in Aries

Yesterday I released my manuscript of Nine Passages for Woman and Girls into the able hands of Janis Clark for final editing. My gratitude is immense―I am grateful that the seasons turned and stories began to accumulate. I am grateful for such Divine collaboration. Since 2000 I have collected stories of Rites of Passage, often I was the one who invited a ceremony because I have learned to see. Often women brought themselves for a ceremony, that is an honor that always changes me. Often they have brought their daughters. What fun I have had this winter remembering all those stories.

Life Spiral-with-labelsIt’s my highest calling and most precious joy to observe transformations, miraculous just like the tiny caterpillar who eats the milk weed plant, to grow into a big furry caterpillar who cocoons, then emerges as a Monarch butterfly. These magnificent winged friends migrate hundreds of miles, probably thousands, to rest and begin again. Seeing change is a grand gift, but I know other Elders who also have this vision, and not just for Monarchs.

Think about why we celebrate babies; they arrive with stardust covering them. They come with their own Divine instructions. When they arrive, Mothers and Fathers and all the grandparents begin to see that stardust as potential. Change is going to happen to them, but not too fast. Human beings have the longest maturation on the planet, nearly 30 years. Our change is more like a tree than a butterfly, we accumulate birthdays like a tree’s rings for each year. Honestly trees don’t go through enough changes, but they do go through enough weather. They have to sleep in winter, they have to be flexible for all the storms of each season. Reconsidering, trees stay in one place while the cosmos turns, humans have become highly transportable. Only human beings go through nine distinct and common changes, each one so different the new self and the old self barely recognize one another.

We do tell stories of our past, as if those old personas still exist, but those old selves are more like illusions. Someone rather more glorious and evolved tells the stories. We cannot stop change even if we try. One of my great teachers cautioned my generalities: “This book assumes people need healing,” she said of my second book, Soul Stories. That had been my lens, in fact, that each stage of life leaves us battered, like the shreds of a butterfly’s wings, somehow wounded.

I use Earth’s elements to transform the pain and the beauty of a life stage, glory and wounds bundled together, at each threshold of change. Still the Moon needs to move through many cycles before we are convinced. Become a people watcher; as we invest in one another, we can all see how the Soul seeks change. This is very true for those who suffer wounds, this is also true for those who change quietly. A candle changes the ambiance, a feather causes the flame to dance. Find sacred quiet to celebrate all of your changes for this New Moon.

Some of us simply go into a quiet place, like a cocoon and swirl around in our juice, dancing, writing, meditating, until something feels miraculously refreshed. Sometimes a New Moon can bring this about. Now that I have released the pages, I will release the essence, the message, and the list of things yet to do, for a little while. This book changed me. In the 16 years since that first Rites of Passage ceremony, I have been hugged and often kissed along with this unfolding of my path. No other path could have suited my Elder years so well.

Women are blessed with Moontimes and have begun to find this observation one thing we have in common. Being quiet and intentional with each New Moon causes a shift in outlook, it deepens our belonging to a place in the cosmos, and it provides a rhythm to dream our lives. Pay attention today, the dream of such a day, with superb support coming from the outer planets, could change the game for each of us, for our communities, and for the planet. This is an important day in the Universe.

Drumroll please, prayers welcome: Nine Passages for Woman and Girls, Gifts of Transformation from the Elders will be released on the Full Moon in June.


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