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Moon Message #14.2016 :: Dreamy Poem || Half Moon in Capricorn

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A message from my sleep: I am instructed to make a change here in the bright Aries Sun. I have 10 books beside my bed, none ready for review. That’s my confession. My newest book, Nine Passages, is almost written, so I will offer book excerpts for my Half Moon blogs. First one in two weeks, that’s my dreamtime inspiration. Today, I offer a poem for you about change.

The Dreamy Time

After rem and before awake, I have found a dreamy time
It came to me through permission, an elegant consent
Suddenly afforded my predawn meanderings, busy mind
Quiet mind, alone, pleasurable, naked under winter blankets.

In this dreamy time I find the puzzles, pieces floating around
Urging solutions that feel permissive, satisfying even lucid
Life’s questions about itself, unlock mysteries, invite peace
Love in copious quantities for myself becomes a healing salve.

As a woman, I want Others to feel as I do about life’s puzzles
Permissive, pleasurable, ultimately feeling loved enough
To tease hard questions apart with the very edges of spring
Dashing off terror to celebrate the persistence of green life.

Would I feel peace if I were younger, I would locate resilience
Allow Great Earth to teach me, get closer to the humus of real life
Make a study of willow buds, succulent, healing, the Moose knows
Something about those tips, tender nourishment, this is the intention.

In the hour before dressing, I think of a Grandmother’s Brigade,
Once I heard Clarissa put those two words together, or Grey Panthers
Or Clan Mothers, why, how, when were we hushed and what love
Can bring us back to life, maybe if we open to Earth’s mysteries.

We do have accumulated knowledge, speaking in our Grandmother’s
Tongue, we do have enough inherited wisdom, the vast collection
Of our Ancestor’s risks, mistakes, and successes at our fingertips
The youngest among us can be raised with this great advantage.

First though, we need to be quiet beneath the spring blankets
With our Soul for company, we need to give ourselves permission
To tease apart the puzzles of our life, if not there, then out
On a silent walk with Great Earth, think of all that she has seen.

She is mighty big, wonderful beyond human imaginations, how lucky
To have this one moment to be with the planet we chose, taking solace
Taking everything actually, finding behind closed eyes blankets of sleep
Ways juiced with mysterious love, to create a Gift for Gaia before waking.

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