Moon Message :: 3.23.2016

Moon Message #12.2016 :: Moon for Peace || Full Moon in Libra

This is a dreamy time for an Eclipse and good Moon energy, Dearhearts. We are surrounded by so much cosmic energy we can all feel it.peace

Ordinarily I revel in such wonders, except I have been saddened and feel grief for the world.

The strongest bond I have to offer to myself, my family and my village begins in my heart. Because I am a thinking, feeling being, this is where I sense fear also. So now I have choices and they seem pretty clear to me: Do I run my life on fear or do I cultivate the gardens of my heart to discover this inner place is where peace begins? Instinct seems in favor of fear, run to the survival side. Sense and experience seems to favor love, grounding, and gathering.

For the Equinox, many beautiful women said our prayers together. I hugged each woman as she arrived, a few with their spouses. I noticed those hugs and kisses surrounded the food she offered for the table. Potlucks provide the energy of sharing. I give thanks to all those friends of my heart for cultivating our relationship and especially to those loves who wanted to gather. You were with us in spirit if not in body, women of the world, doing ceremony. All around the world this weekend, we were in ceremony together.

I appreciate your willingness to stand around the Equinox fire with me. I released winter to the fire through a handful of pinecones. It began with December-January-February, but that lightened the expectations. I released also my personal fear and anxiety about anything and everything. Fire takes all that I give and transforms its energy into ash and smoke, into a cleansing for my burdens. That ash feeds the Earth and the smoke takes my message of release across the dimensions.

Once free of those accumulated energies that weigh on my Soul, I like to light a candle for new intentions. This finds my Grandmothers’ spirits who have always carried hopes and dreams. They taught me about lighting candles to make a wish. I finally found the spirit trail from wishes to dreams to hopes to intentions.

We stood there with our matches, laughing about how even the quality of matches is not the same anymore. We all remember our Grandmother’s time. Well, the wind was blowing, those unlit candles still hold our prayers. We melted a little wax, but left our candles pregnant with intentions waiting for time to receive them back as dreams come true. I pray for more gatherings with women, that feels pretty close to a divine wish.

You know, when women pray, it’s for peace, for the children, for good food and pure water, it’s for the Earth and for our parents and our Grandparents. We pray for healing hearts filled with grief. Holy Mothers, we feel your fears and your pains, women stand united for peace.

These few words send me back into a silence of wonder. Make your village stronger, Dearhearts, make potlucks to dispel the fear. Love begins around the table shared with the village. I feel so honored to belong to a village filled with magic and spirit.

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