Moon Message :: 3.15.2016

Moon Message #11.2016 :: The Heart of the Labyrinth || Half Moon in Gemini

LabyrinthAuthor Nicole Schwab tells a story of our times, for women of our times, in which men can find themselves too. She chose a great name for her book, The Heart of the Labyrinth. It feels intriguing; indeed she invites us along on this journey.

This story begins with a setting rather familiar: A desperate illness stops a woman in her tracks. This seems plausible, an illness so complete that all of life stops, beginning first with work. A crisis is underway. In every form of soul-cracking crisis, to stop means to enter the altered and liminal space of a long dream.

We can relate, because everyone, at some time or another, has missed work for illness. As readers, we are immediately and deeply involved although we must fill in many details. This is often a sign of fine fiction because we do become involved; the details we supply belong to us.

Using a dreamlike story, Nicole Schwab reveals how women must walk in two worlds to discover our feminine selves, to become whole. The first world is structural, logical, analytical, and especially financial. One learns to become more and more human, increasingly skilled, and a global citizen. To make one’s way through the steep learning curves of the early years, the teen years, all through the 20-somethings, modern women become navigators of this rather unnatural side at the expense of our feminine side.

Everyone finds the other path, eventually, unless they remain sleep walkers. The simultaneous path, parallel and rich, is one’s spiritual world of the divine feminine where, through the miraculous vehicle of one’s body as receiver, visions, intuitions, intentions, and seemingly magical understandings flow like a river. An awakened woman learns how this inner world informs and guides so she may slowly form a weave with both strands―the unmistaken linear side dances with this physical-spiritual side, mutually reinforcing and indivisible to create wholeness.

The protagonist, Maya finds a teacher she simply calls Sage. Their discussion helps us see these two worlds in stark contrast, both are needed, but not one over the other. Logic and analysis―so familiar to post-modern citizens―teaches deconstruction, how to break everything into understandable pieces. Often this cutting edge of one’s intellect is used to win the acclaim of others. In this world, as it is now, people in power most often hold the intellect as a superior measure of value over feelings. This is the teaching―intelligence verses intuition, Sage said, “Both need to be nurtured equally and integrated for our coming into wholeness.”

As the masculine counterweight to this deep exploration of the feminine, Sage acknowledged how Maya’s vision had expanded, “Things become real when they are experienced.”

Embedded in Maya’s journey to wellness and wholeness is a parable for the Earth, for a healthy and balanced planet, people must first become healthy and balanced. Perhaps this is the deeper and more shocking part of this story. We individuals cannot be truly well and whole until our Earth is well and whole.

But, wait: This parable follows the twists and turns of a good story. So few people are actually waking from the industrious dream of busy work, busy families, and soothed by busy recreation. This is the gerbil wheel of money, of survival, of struggle. We are all culpable; we are all somewhat asleep and risk using up the Earth before we quiet our outer selves long enough to intuit the indigenous worldview as so beautifully told in this story.

Enough people have shifted away from Nature and become like sleep walkers; the one magical key to awaken and to see spiritual imbalance is time alone in Nature, perhaps guided by a teacher called Sage. Until that slow awakening, women and men will continue to experience health crises, accidents, and spiritual emergencies.

Nicole Schwab helps us see further through her remarkable storyline from crisis to wholeness. When she wrote, “I experienced everything around me as myself,” I felt broken open. I think this is what we are looking for when a story takes us away, out of our ordinary lives. Deep immersion in Nature, stepping into wakefulness with one’s Soul, such an opening reveals an ancient, indigenous gift of wholeness.

Most of us have heard, we are all one or we are all related. Who among us understands that the spider on her web, the beaver cutting down trees, the rabbit nibbling the garden, the buds bursting on the red dogwood stems―the multitudinous parts are us, we are they. This entire picture, messy, wondrous, thriving, every tiny bit is needed for our wholeness and for the Earth’s wholeness. Thank you for this beautiful feminine journey, Nicole Schwab.

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