Moon Message :: 3.8.16

Moon Message #10.16 :: Clan Mothers of International Women’s Day || Pisces New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Dearhearts, it’s a special day … take the day off, take off an hour or ten minutes!

A woman born on this day re-introduced me to the term Clan Mother. Happy Birthday, Soul Sister, Arianna! Happy International Women’s Day!

Clan Mother deserves another look; in our blended culture, is it possible to reintroduce a term almost out of use for 200 years?Equinox Greetings

When we get to the Elder years of our lives, women realize we know a thing or two, we have many opinions, and possess a collective energy to do something for the community. Perhaps the Clan Mothers of other times called it the village. Perhaps we can also use this evolved term, village, after we do some reweaving.

Last year, on the August Full Moon I published Soul Stories: Nine Passages of Initiation. About life stories and about Rites of Passage too, this book offers women of a certain age an opportunity to harvest our stories from the earliest part of our lives through to now, to heal and rejuvenate our lives. Inviting women to use story to initiate, the book shares how consecutive Passage Threshold ceremonies can be used to honor your many changes. You are the teacher, the journey is yours to take, will you initiate to yourself? From the close observation of our culture today, we could use a little clan-mothering. We could use women at the grass roots of the village to weave life back toward wholeness, back into a village.

The next step is to Circle ‘round with other women and to share with all girls how to take their place. It’s time to teach the girls that the village begins with them. If not in a circle of Clan Mothers, how do we teach the girls about this New Moon, about how to quiet their great energies to sit in circle with women?

Women are the Clan Mothers of the Culture and we take our wisdom from Mother Nature. Maybe we haven’t had this modeled for us, but we are smart as heck. Do we have a friend to share with, can we invite another? Can we talk about how change has come into our lives, biological change and cultural change? Can we inspire each other to do just one thing for kindness, for cultural repair, for guiding girls in ways we wish we had been guided?

This is not an ending, only a beginning. I am posting for sacred activism. Dear Clan Mothers, will you please step forward? The culture needs all of us to collaborate, to be intergenerational and to be a part of the gifting economy. Even sitting in a circle, this will be a big deal, how can we ever find the time?

I advocate for Elders, for young girls, for cultural repair, and for women’s circles. I reach out to hug my dear man and set this into an intention: I will give my support to the women who are the cultural change-makers. We live in crazy, interesting times, remember, we were born for these times. I will do my part today.

I bow to the women of the world, it’s International Women’s Day!


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