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Moon Message #1.16 :: Mary Spio, Book Review || Half Moon in Libra

Mary Spio took advantage of a few well-placed twists in her life to become a most enthusiastic cheerleader for this New Year. Everyone benefits from contagious enthusiasm, this is something I have practiced myself: Make good use of a pep talk to dispel a mood or shed light when darkness finds me. Just like tree rings, I know another level of growth can be mine if I choose.

Uncommonly titled (or is it commonly titled ?), Mary Spio’s book, It’s Not Rocket Science adds a super-charge for the particular human traits that activate Genius. Without a doubt, the Earth, your family, and your community will benefit when you work from your passion, bring forth gifts that are yours alone, and probably work less! Yes we can choose to shift gears, from doldrums to right-action, from blues to joyful purpose. What I have always called Genius, a mysterious force that accompanies everyone, Mary Spio calls Game Changer: The quality much needed right now. Can we choose differently for this New Year, can we become entrepreneurial enough to change the game? I offer my gifts as Elder Mentor, the best I can be. You gifts will change the game for you and your family, what will change your game?

Her life story is interesting: Born in Syracuse New York, she returned with her parents to Ghana, West Africa. Taking apart radios as a child, her parents recognized both enthusiasm and giftedness. They sold everything they owned to send her to back to America when she was 16. Her first job at McDonald’s led her to the Air Force and after 6 years, she went to college to become a deep space engineer. Believe that none of this could have been easy, each challenge was only a stepping stone for Mary. When she received two patents for her innovations, which of course are owned by Boeing, that acknowledgment served as a Rites of Passage and made her a digital media entrepreneur. A few more stepping stones, Mary Spio is CEO of Next Galaxy Media.

In her own words, “We are in a time in history like no other—an extraordinary moment when technology has given us amazing opportunities. What used to be the domain of only the privileged and connected is now accessible to all of us. Regardless of race, gender, education, age or circumstance, we all have access to the tools and resources needed to create the lifestyle that we desire. We live in a time when you can embrace your difference, do what you love and follow your passion.” She sounds a little like Joseph Campbell, who reminded us to “Follow your bliss.” I sound a little like both, your passion, doing what your love with all your heart, is the secret to adding new growth rings each year.

I love Mary Spio’s enthusiasm and her story is the backbone of greatness for peoples all over the world. For a motivational ‘can do’ book, this is among the best I have come across. The titles she chose for her seven traits to achieve uncommon success make me laugh, but they are also true. I first listened to the audiobook in February and honestly, I began to look seriously at the superfluous activities occupying my time. Many things I do contribute little to poetry or women’s issues, my two great passions. Reaching for this book again, to change my game and get closer to my personal variety of success, I recommend Mary Spio’s enthusiasm and clarity.

I am working toward something otherworldly like the deep space engineer at the heart of Mary’s work, only my passion and the bliss I follow is Rites of Passage for everyone. To help me feel successful, I look around at my Sisterhood, I double-check myself for these traits and smile. For your New Year and your next growth ring, I urge you to go outside and often this coming year, connect to the spirit in all things, and count each tree as a blessing! One thing Mary is missing: Nature Connection inspires all the other traits on Mary Spio’s list.

Me & my TamarackShe seems to call on the Goddess Kali, the one who arises when I need warrior energy. Kali comes to me when I look at these seven key traits. She helps me realize what seems so masculine is true in feminine determination as well. Dream your own dream, change something for the better, at the end of the year, after 13 Moons pass through us again, you will smile at your growth ring. Here they are for your meditations, Moon to Moon. If you need more to achieve your growth ring for this year, reach for Mary Spio, It’s Not Rocket Science: Seven Game Changing Traits for Uncommon Success.

I send blessings for your New Year!

Mary Spio’s seven key traits for achieving uncommon success:

  • Unbridled Creativity
    • Radical Passion
    • Active Compassion
    • Obsessive Focus
    • Relentless Hustle
    • Extreme Audacity
    • Pit Bull Tenacity
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