Earth Message :: Elder is A Unique Alignment with Change || July 27, 2018
Aquarius Full Lunar Eclipse, 100 minutes+, begins at 1:20 pm PDT

A Ceremonial Full Moon

Dears of my Heart!

Simply stand on Earth today, at this moment, to receive your direct infusion of cosmic energy. Stand in your length, this is the dignity of who you have become. Honor all of those stories-moments-events, honor everything that has shaped you. Through the miracle of astro-nerds, we know way ahead of time that this day will be pure magic: I sing a song all day on a day like this, once a month … “it’s a full moon day” … see if a tune shows up for you.

The Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon and removes the reflection, so the Moon goes dark and glows red. Floating silently through the sky, whether dark or blue, the Moon is a wonder. This event is visible in the Southern Hemisphere, but felt all over the Earth. Astronomers are the scientists who can best explain this wonder, I prefer the spiritual awe.

Spinning at 66,000 miles per hours, the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. I take these little facts and sink to my knees in awe. All energies that simultaneously run between these three Cosmic Players will be rejuvenated with so much power it’s likely to linger well through the end of one season and into the next. Become a carrier of cosmic awe, it’s a simple recognition.

Cosmic. Energy. What do you need right now? How are you feeling about life, the future, and the Earth? Can you put your swirling thoughts into words? Since I stepped across my Elder Threshold the question pounds like a drum, how can I be of service? I have lived with scarcity and generosity and I know that generous feels so much more divine. Besides, there’s this one new energy, lately, I want to call it elder wisdom and say, maybe, it’s true, finally. If it is true, then I am a give-away. Honestly, it’s would only be true because of you, because of what you call forth in me. Ours has always been a reciprocal relationship, Dearhearts!

A story. Once free of the chores that came with gardens within gardens at Grouse Creek Gardens, my husband and I found ourselves floating. Ideas bobbed to the surface and a few of those pulled us forward. In this liminal time-between pulling up our deep tap root, in place and community, and now when we feel free as birds, we have been inside of a portal of change.

Change. It’s a beautiful thing to see with our spiritual eyes, change might be considered holy. That would be a paradigm shift! While he and I were in the process of filling, many of you stepped in for an embrace. The women and men who took our hand to take a walk, to be an ear, to feel deeply, believe me when I say, gratitudes are spoken at each meal for you, for your love and energy, for all of the stardust you bring that swirls around ours.

We feel ready to step across our next Threshold, amazing that we have change beckoning simultaneously. This is the face of change, both of us feel Soul selves calling and releasing into the future. The joy we feel is palpable and strikes awe in us.

If you look carefully, both behind you and before you, a vision will appear. You will see change that has come in, swirled around, and made herself at home in you as well. This is my work in the world and I would love to hear about your change, love to help you see the stardust in your story. Why can we not comprehend this spin with our Earth home at the astonishing speed – 66,000 mph? Why does the Moon grow into her gorgeous Fullness only to pour herself out once again? They, the Moon and the Earth, are the instruments of change for our Soul-selves. We only need to see.

Gratitudes and blessings to you,
Thank you for holding my story,
For the Earth and for you, with love,