Moon Message :: New Moon Leo Eclipse || Weaving Threads of Change
August 11-12, 2018

Rosie’s new playground – Kootenai River

Change: We push or pull ourselves through knotholes in our personal lives, sometimes this requires a breakdown, but always there is a breakthrough.

Kenny and I are just one small example of change but to us, it’s been rather profound. In 2015 and ’16, we found ourselves in the cross-currents of the seasons. When spring came to the Rockies, we had to get rolling with fencing and the water system, always there was planting. One year it was 400 trees, another year it was 100 blueberries in the field. This 10 year planting frenzy created enchantment; we had a magical orchard, an arboretum of baby trees, a dome garden filled with a dozen luscious greens, a fenced acre with room for 3000 blueberries.

We have learned, as strong-headed people, that listening to the Muse which is really our Soul which is linked to Source energy, this quiet, deep listening is the better way to live. Rarely do we 100% operate that way. Trying is getting to be lots more fun.

After selling our place along the wild and scenic Grouse Creek, we set out on a Quest for Joy. In the profound adventure of retirement we have found Joy and more, we have rekindled love, our communication is synchronized, our heart-minds are not tilted towards our wishes. Kenny can paint and I can work with my whole-heart as mentor and elder for a growing circle of women, and write as an activist for the Earth.

These last two weekends of Eclipse season, we held 4 fabulous yard sales. The spiritual release was ours, growing each time we made eye contact. The burden of a giant storage unit and the shame of no longer loving the contents ― we knew that had to end. Today I am feel so grateful to all the fine folks who are now giving our stuff new love. Storage units could be seen for what they also are: Financially and emotionally draining and shaming. By choice, this load could be lighter, like a thread moving through our stuck places we can choose again.

As a culture, as a species, we are being pushed into a variety of tightening knotholes; this always means change. As the Grassroots Folks, we need to help guide the change in a good direction. Everyone has a long list of cultural changes we would like to see happen. Our inner genius says it’s up to us. Now that I am free of my stuff, I can return to a project I put on the shelf a few months back. Drawdown is a passion, in my exhausted state I reached for the book again. My project is The Drawdown Literacy Project: A story for each of the 100 Solutions.

There is some one thing for each of us to do, provided we listen to the wind. Does the wind whisper something, anything about your burden of stuff? Has the Earth called out for your help? One last question – this one about right livelihood: Are you using the stardust you came with to fulfill the desires of your Soul-self?

I have a friend who is a weaver, a spider woman. Always I wonder if she would like the way I used different colors to spin a Moon Message. Story of Stuff, spiritual release, storage units, right livelihood, finding our ways to work for the Earth. Too many colors maybe. Tell me how I am doing, and I will continue to tack to the wind in me.

Story Activist and smiling Elder,
Much love on this side of the New Moon,

PS: Rosie gets more Joy now, too.