Lagoon of Pink Flamingos

Moon Message, New Moon in Pisces, 3.17 at 6:11 a.m. PDT

OXOXO from Melaque, Jalisco, Mexico. Warm and breezy songs breaking from the Pacific Ocean, perfect for this New Moon ceremony. We saw the last sliver of La Luna as she entered Pisces in the morning, 3/15, rising with the Sun. Healing intentions will be most powerful as the Moon and Chiron pass together in Pisces, here at the end of the Zodiac, just before Spring Equinox. Smile and begin to plan your ceremony. (::)

Standing in my whole length, which is my dignity, I close my eyes to feel it. As I stretch out my arms to feel my width, I wonder how far can I reach? Eyes soft, behind me, I feel the experience of my years; and before me, I see many opportunities to be 1 of 7 Billion working for the Earth.

Here’ goes: For the children of the Earth already on the march  <3 <3

I’ve been through a training, a Pachamama training. This winter, I have integrated so much information. Here in Mexico, I merely mentioned Pachamama to two indigenous people on different occasions. Both of them lit up like a firefly in a nano-second and I could see holy affection overcome them. That feeling penetrated me and I realize I have carried the same holy affection for the Earth through this latter part of my life. I must walk with my dog, stand very still and listen to the birds, watch the horizon line, touch a tree or two. I take this good medicine more than once a day which returns me to my center as a Soul-being having an earthly experience.

Pachamama Alliance is easy to find because it’s a dot com. In its length, the original work extends to the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest who need help protecting their land from developers and drillers. The width of Pachamama Alliance has now embraced Drawdown, a dot org and a book, also easy to find.

This is where collective genius rises. After two decades of freely sharing courses, Pachamama now has thousands of Earth workers with all of our collective experience to offer. We are activists imagining cooperative and collaborative ways to help the Earth and we are supporting organizations already doing good work. Even better, great opportunities roll out before us into the immediate future. Through Drawdown, we have a plan, mathematically configured, to reverse global warming.

Look at how these Drawdown Solutions work as personal connections. Most of my friends know me as a Mentor and Elder for women and girls. Through Drawdown, I have learned that women and girls will play an over-large role in reversing global warming. Educating girls and supporting women’s work and development mathematically add up to be the #1 Solution to global warming. Smart women would have guessed this and now I have a new twist on my lifelong passion!!

Drawing from deeper experience that goes back through my parents and grandparents, I am still tied to the land and fascinated by farmers’ stories. On this tour of Mexico, thousands of farmers showed up in my camera lens. Food, from seed to table and beyond, is a huge sector in the plan to reverse global warming. Let’s explore this important story of the journey of food. What is new, what is working, what are young people thinking and doing? My center feels revolutionary, inspired, and so positive.

Curious? See the list of Solutions at Drawdown dot org or the book [the most wonderful book I’ve held in my whole life]. Tell me where Solutions make a personal connection to you, your life experience, or to your personal product use. Will any of them make an activist of you? I would love to lead a study group at the library, should we think about that?

Immediately, I changed to biodegradable waste bags, created a flow system through my house for compost and plastics. Even my toilet paper of choice is bamboo. I will discover many stories to share, we’re just getting started.

Yay, beach time before we head home.
Love from a road-foodie,
& Pachamama Story Activist,