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Moon Message :: 6.27.2016

Moon Message #26, June 27, 2016 :: The Book! || Half Moon in Aries Up on the deer’s trail I walk slowly to release 10 years of holy process. In my sacred and quiet meditation, I am remembering ceremonies, luminous times of transformation for women and girls. […]

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Moon Message :: 6.20.2016

Moon Message #25, June 20, 2016 :: Holy Senses || 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius  I’ve just gone on RiverTime, a summer of …  The poetry of this day is a celebration of the Sun We would not, could not be without the Sun So cross your […]

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Moon Message :: 6.12.2016

Moon Message 24, June 12, 2016 :: On Sisterhood || Half Moon in Virgo In reviewing my span of lived days, such an essence has been revealed that I can barely hold. It begins with this wise statement, “We were born for this time.” To enhance this […]

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Moon Message :: 6.4.2016

Moon Message 23, 2016 :: Designing a Life || New Moon in Gemini I’ve been teaching Cosmic language to a lovely group of initiates. Perhaps you would like a peek inside this ancient secret. I feel sure this comes from the Ancestors. We begin simply with the […]

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