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Moon Message :: 5.29.2016

Moon Message 22, 2016 :: Getting Ready || Half Moon in Pisces I feel the energy building now, I feel called to get ready for what is coming. I cleared my beloved altar and placed every item in a rejuvenation basket. I polished the oak table and […]

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Moon Message :: 5.14.2016

Moon Message #20, 2016 :: Release || Half Moon in Leo As I lay in my bath last night and gazed up at la Luna in her beautiful Half Moon presence, I knew this blog was out of time. Maybe this is the essence of being human, […]

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Moon Message :: 5.7.2016

Moon Message #19. 2016 :: Gentle Earth Energy || New Moon in Taurus Dearhearts, the Cosmic Coyote thumped me good this week. I had a complete computer stoppage, thus no timely New Moon blog.  It was the planets in reverse, probably, or the last moments of the […]

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