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Moon Message :: 3.30.2016

Moon Message #14.2016 :: Dreamy Poem || Half Moon in Capricorn A message from my sleep: I am instructed to make a change here in the bright Aries Sun. I have 10 books beside my bed, none ready for review. That’s my confession. My newest book, Nine […]

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Moon Message :: 3.23.2016

Moon Message #12.2016 :: Moon for Peace || Full Moon in Libra This is a dreamy time for an Eclipse and good Moon energy, Dearhearts. We are surrounded by so much cosmic energy we can all feel it. Ordinarily I revel in such wonders, except I have […]

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Moon Message :: 3.15.2016

Moon Message #11.2016 :: The Heart of the Labyrinth || Half Moon in Gemini Author Nicole Schwab tells a story of our times, for women of our times, in which men can find themselves too. She chose a great name for her book, The Heart of the […]

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Moon Message :: 3.8.16

Moon Message #10.16 :: Clan Mothers of International Women’s Day || Pisces New Moon & Solar Eclipse Dearhearts, it’s a special day … take the day off, take off an hour or ten minutes! A woman born on this day re-introduced me to the term Clan Mother. […]

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Moon Message :: 3.1.16

Moon Message #9.16 :: Life Review || Half Moon in Sagittarius Between New Moons in Aquarius and in Pisces, opposing tensions continue to build. This invites earthy grounding, setting clear intentions, and enjoying ordinary conversations between Mothers, Grandmothers, and Granddaughters. In her opening paragraphs, Anita Diamant’s lead […]

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