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Moon Message :: 2.22.16

Moon Message 8.16 :: Soul Searching || Full Moon in Virgo Jupiter and the Moon in Virgo support with humility and thoughtfulness to make this a clear day for recognizing the big patterns of your life. I am going on a journey with my Soul today in […]

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Moon Message :: 2.14.2016

Moon Message #7.16 :: Sacred Activism || Half Moon in Taurus Dearhearts, I wanted to share Brene Brown with you today, but one would say, she kicked my butt. She is far too big and, well, I was not up to it today. More important than guilt […]

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Moon Message :: 2.8.2016

Moon Message # 6.16 :: Celebrating Yoni || New Moon in Aquarius Do I trammel on Sanskrit by using the term Yoni for women’s sacred mystery? I have no intention to trammel on my native heritage, either, by bringing back a power play for women, a Vision […]

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