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Moon Message :: 1.31.2016

Moon Message #5 :: Double Fare: Celebrating Age || Half Moon in Scorpio I have been holding a surprise for long enough, now it’s doubled. Today’s review offers a twin view into a theory we need to talk more about, especially to ourselves, then with our significant […]

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Moon Message :: 1.23.2016

Moon Message #4.16 :: Full Moon in Leo || The Earth Goddess Story    Full Moon in deep winter, it must be story time. This Leo Moon will enlighten how the Earth Goddess came to be with me. Grouse Creek flowed fast and high since the flood […]

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Moon Message :: 1.16.16

Moon Message #3.2016 ::  Guest Book Review By Janis Monaco Clark Just in time to begin my New Year’s intentions, I found Body Thrive: Uplevel Your Life with 10 Steps from Ayurveda and Yoga, by Cate Stillman. Cate writes in an enlightened and altogether engaging way, with […]

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Moon Message :: 1.9.16

Moon Message #2.16 :: Coming Out || New Moon in Capricorn  Dearhearts, A New Moon with Mountain Mother Capricorn and I feel like “coming out” … You may have noticed the poetic penchant in my life, wiggling and insisting to be seen and heard. I have a […]

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Moon Message :: 1.1.16

Moon Message #1.16 :: Mary Spio, Book Review || Half Moon in Libra Mary Spio took advantage of a few well-placed twists in her life to become a most enthusiastic cheerleader for this New Year. Everyone benefits from contagious enthusiasm, this is something I have practiced myself: […]

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