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Moon Message :: 12.25.15

Moon Message #24 :: Reflections || Full Moon in Cancer I find it rather easy to go into this seasonal darkness and wander around. How has this year worked out for me? What am I looking forward to? I have shared these questions with my dear friends […]

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Moon Message #23 :: 12.18.15

Moon Message #23 :: Book Review-Big Magic || Half Moon in Pisces The Solstice Threshold You might be ready to jazz up your creativity, after all, Winter Solstice marks the only time the Sun stands still. I feel wonderstruck for spaceship Earth and how she gently tilts […]

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Moon Message #22 :: 12.11.15

Moon Message #22 :: December 11, 2015 || New Moon in Sagittarius A miraculous women’s Circle brings me to the heart of my purpose. Probably Circles everywhere help women find new purpose or locate long lost passions. When I mention purpose and passion, they are the same […]

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Inviting the Stillness

Inviting the Stillness Only I see, feel, hear What is behind my eyes All that is in my heart I do not wish to die With so much music inside Perhaps the holy stillness Will help me show you All that I see, feel, and hear. 10 […]

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Moon Message #21 :: 12.3.15

Moon Message #21 :: Book Review―This Changes Everything || Half Moon in Virgo Make a difference in just one other’s life, and because we are all connected, everyone will benefit. That was the lesson of Thanksgiving this year. I feel powerfully grateful for the opportunity to know […]

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