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Moon Message #16 :: 10.27.2015

Moon Message #16 :: October 27, 2015 || Full Moon in Taurus Enjoy the season. Change arrived in the quiet of the night. Taurus, a sign of giving and receiving, with a Scorpio Sun, invites each one of us to go deep and listen to Mother Earth. […]

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Moon Message #15 :: 10.20.15

Moon Message #15 :: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 || Half Moon in Capricorn Each one of us is a sensitive, a tuning fork between the Divine and the Earth. We only need to raise our consciousness to learn the language of interpretation. This is the life we […]

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Moon Message #14 : 10.12.15

Moon Message #14 :: October 12, 2015 || New Moon in Libra I am thinking about the Village. It’s an archetype that is being refined by our conversations. Some desire for this heart-song, a Village, is beginning to rise in many people. Each one of us moves […]

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Moon Message #13 :: 10.4.15

Moon Message # 13 :: October 4, 2015 || Half Moon in Cancer Dearhearts, I invite you to the join the next New Moon Women’s Circle. ~~ Monday October 12, 2015, 6 pm, Pacific Daylight Time ~~ A Circle is forming to journey through Soul Stories to become […]

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