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One could choose grace and intention or . . .

The greater the crisis, it seems, the swifter the evolution.  All transformation appears to be motivated by desperation and emergency.  ~~ Elizabeth Gilbert

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Glorious Event of Birth

In old Celtic imaginings, the birth of each person involved three dynamic forces: the bodily union of mother and father, the wish of the ancestral spirit to be reborn, and the presence of a god or goddess. This was taken to mean that at a core level […]

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What is . . . ?

  Rites of Passage is the ritual celebration of consecutive moments of change enough to cause a transformation. What would create transformative moments for you? I say paying focused attention to your inner genius, lots of it. This accumulation of attention changes everything: from that altered state […]

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Sitting Quietly

The overly rational, fiercely practical orientation of the modern world tends to deny the presence of the soul and the necessity of a genuine inner life (p. 41, Water of Life, Michael Meade).

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One of the beautiful words in our language, epiphany: a peak moment, a lingering smile, the idea that finally came home to roost. I have been studying Michael Meade, intensely. I would like to share his gifts here, as musings from Water of Life: Initiation and the […]

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Divine Change

1.8.14 Ready to talk about change, Dears! Change is the one thing we can count on More thrilling is the change that’s designed. Either way, growth comes with every rising sun We might as well choose a life divine. Notice from reflection how time marches Through all […]

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