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The first New Moon in 2017 is the Aquarius Moon, January 27, and Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. From the earliest dawn light throughout the day, the Rooster will remind us to be watchful and send alarms where they are needed. We always watch the Moon for signs of the times.
Women are airy and breathless from our march around the world, the Women’s March which ignited the heart of our power.

Janis Monaco Clark writes these words for this New Moon:

Sharing the Dreams of the Grandmothers

The old ones say the women will lead the way,
Healing among the tribes;
Inside them are the powers of love and strength,
Given by Luna and Gaia
The Moon and Earth.

I give thanks for these words, Janis, heart-rock and editor of Turtle Moon Publishing!

Rita’s tale, Petals From a Rose, is an ancestral story of love and kindness woven around lives spiced with prejudice and deception.

Petals from a Rose is so timely for Turtle Moon Publishing, it provides the example we need to offer this invitation: We will be writing our own tales of our ancestors and invite you to join us. Rita was 95 in 2016, the year she published with us!

We couldn’t be more proud to introduce this book written by Mother, edited by Daughter and we wonder … there really must be a million such stories.

Our Ancestor Legacy Series asks readers this question:
What is the gift you wish to give to your Mother or Grandmother?
Perhaps Legacy comes from you to your Grandchildren …
Is it truly memoir, truly fiction, truly a blend?
Ask Gail Burkett @ for more information.

Covers-proof1-1“Learn about the Life Spiral and you will find yourself.”

~~Gail Burkett

Welcome to Nine Passages, a soulful place for women and girls, a place to begin dreaming in ritual and ceremony. Here we learn from one another, the conversation is always juicy and edgy. We are bringing Rites of Passage back to the culture, one woman, one girl at a time by bundling the stories of our lives. Stories make us who we are, we have dreamed and nourished our stories, we hold them in love and keep them safe. When the time is right for us to face a Threshold of change, a ritual is needed. We pray there is a Mentor nearby.
We must separate from our usual life and routine, enter a quiet away place, the liminal, for time apart from our usual life. This space is individually designed, a walk-about, a vision quest, a retreat. After this space shapes us, we gather a circle of helping hands and enter into a simple, elegant ceremony with water, fire and some mix of earth and air. Flowers, please, music, drums, love in abundance.

This is Rites of Passage, special in every way, sacred as our very lives. Enter the Passage Library and read about each of these terms, read about me and my free expressions, share my free teachings. Turn the spotlight back to you, what ceremony do you need, which Passages are you facing?

For Women 30 to 100

For Women 30 to 100


    Both books of ritual and ceremony, of mentoring and the life-span from Birth to Death are available from Turtle Moon books at! Click here to look inside and purchase.

“I love the book, and the pictures and the graceful way you honor the ways of Rites of Passage for women and know the importance of ritual and ceremony and communication. As women read this book, they will surely come to know you and feel a deep connection with YOU, THEMSELVES, their CULTURE and their community. You will have imprinted and quickened sooooooo many…. Thank you for doing that and for the gift you are to this world!  My life is truly rich because of YOU!”  –Kathleen Bjorkman Wilson, Rites of Passage and Wilderness Guide

“In Soul Stories Gail Burkett has created a guide that will deeply affect the lives of whoever decides to pick it up. These stories of passages and initiations create new understanding, awareness, honor and respect for all that we have been, are now and are becoming. This must be the missing piece in our culture, the piece that is disappearing – we must start a spark, then fan the flames. Thank you so much for sharing this wise, ripe gift!” –Nancy Smith, Elder & Mentor


Both books offer opportunities to know your Soul as the Divine Feminine inside of you.
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