This New Year Journey seeks the wedded bliss of Earth-works and Passages.

Moon Message :: Becoming a Global Citizen

Monarchs Link Countries

Remember ceremony on this first New Moon of the year, Dearhearts. You might want to light lots of candles to enter the quiet of yourself. A New Moon is an especially good time to notice where you are in your own consciousness. With each deep breathe, feel your two aspects: How you see yourself and how others see you. Feel the thrill of autonomy and authenticity as you inch them closer together. The planet needs each of us to be our best-selves.

Women are coming into a renewed consciousness and I feel privileged to be part of this Movement. When I say privileged, my memories circle back to the 1970s and 80s and another oscillating wave of women speaking up for ourselves. Everywhere women are saying, we have come a long way, this is true. It is also true that we have a long way to go. Our struggle for this holy sisterhood of equality is no less intense than the Suffragettes’. The 100 year anniversary of that first victory is near.  Between now and 2020, we will gain inclusion of color and class, we will discover the teacher in one another, and we will begin to take care of self, each other, and the Earth in all new ways.

We are growing ourselves up to be global citizens. We are growing up our girls. Our boys are coming into a new world of conscious women because the patriarchy, with ample resistance, is giving up the power. This is indeed a good time to be alive. Equality feels imminent, but only if we intentionally open like the Moon to include women of all ethnicities and all levels of privilege.

Just to be clear, women have more power than we realize; our power is relational, earthy; heart connection is what we ask of all others. Women are natural leaders through community and cooperation, we show the children how to be good planetary citizens. The most dramatic shaping takes place at 2 and 3 years old. All through childhood, little kiddos pay attention to every detail. Life needs examining and reconciling. How are we demonstrating our planetary citizenship? This is the heart of R’evolution, the deep Soul evolution of women.

People around this planet watch women of privilege. All the precious younger Souls and the underprivileged, those who suffer from toil look for leadership and modeling. This could be a good questioning time for us, are we being good role models? Are we using conscious leadership? In the first New Moon of this New Year our thoughts and intentions are being guided by Capricorn energies. This sign of the zodiac is Cardinal Earth, initiating deeper winter. From the deep quiet of a winter dawn, our friendly ally, La Luna, reminds us to contribute to the social fabric of the planet and lead our lives as global citizens. Subtle but dramatic, this notion of living as a global citizen is the difference between previous decades of Women’s Movements.

Capricorn energy will guide the 2nd Women’s March. Women coming together may bring unity often divided by politics and ideology. Great Mother Earth is our unifying force. By marching we ask people to pay attention. The planet needs all of us to step up to activism.

When we change ourselves, we change the world. I am on a journey to examine where I need to make amends, how I may evolve my global consciousness. Before and after the Women’s March, will you join me in using this winter for deep inner work?

Viva la R’evolution!

Writing from the Monarch Preserves in Mexico, In Joy, o joy and love always , Gail

Moon Message :: Power to Choose Every Moment

I wish you the happiest of New Years!

IMG_5589Think of this moment as no coincidence. Our beloved Moon is exalted―close, full, and at home―on January 1. In her home sign of Cancer, tonight is a Super Moon because she is closest to Earth. How wonderful to be greeted at this beginning of 2018 in this majestic, nurturing sign of home and belonging. This could be a clarion wake-up call.

Moon illuminates how our Earth home is rapidly changing before our eyes. How do we know where we belong if we no longer recognize home? We all watched visible changes ― 4 hurricanes in rapid succession and horrendous wildfires. We have the power to choose to help and soothe Earth’s rattled nerves with positive actions. I decided to be teachable and cooperative, this past year, because I wanted to be needed. Perhaps this is the moment your life purpose is revealed, the very one you’ve been waiting for. Each person has one thing to do, some have several purposes. For the healing the Earth, the Solutions to global warming are all spelled out in Drawdown, the book, the website, and the movement.

Choose to be in the groundswell of positive action for the Earth. Choose now while the Moon shines so brightly in every corner of our planet. This is our only home; today is a great time to find your Earth purpose. My new purpose is to tell everyone about Pachamama Alliance and our work with I will be writing stories about the Solutions.

Many of us are preparing by learning. It’s gentle, quiet work at first. Begin by reading about the forward-thinking Solutions to global warming. There are so many ways to contribute, but we must all find our unique contribution. Yours probably will differ from mine but we will all work to draw down and sequester Carbon Dioxide until it becomes beneficial. This is the terrific news.

The book, the website, the cascading benefits are so wonderful all of this will tug on your heart-strings. We can each do something to help our home planet, Earth. It’s not too late. No one will be overwhelmed if we all contribute. Browse through the Solutions list,, cozy up and read about the Research Fellows. They spent 5 years pulling this together for us, the worker bees in our local hives.

Search through the Solutions and find yours, one or two will call to you. Likely as not, you are already doing something amazing and we need you to simply share your expertise. Ask for help to scale up your efforts. What I love the most, the cascading benefits: Each Solution in Drawdown makes the kind of sense that we want to be doing them anyway.
Learn something new every day, especially how these marvelous opportunities are calling to you. Make this year the year we all get busy nurturing the home that has always nurtured us.

Begin sharing, what are you passionate about? Let’s just start with the list, then let’s share stories of why, and then, as the months roll out, let’s begin to share our expertise and our successes. I began this journey through Pachamama Alliance in May. Now I begin this bright New Year by inviting you to check it out. There are two marvelous free classes of very high quality, Awakening the Dreamer and the Game Changer Intensive. The first is 2 delightful hours, the latter, is 8 weeks and comes with a built-in global community. The next Game Changer Intensive begins January 14.

Easy peasy! If you can hear me, I always say, start with your passion, what is calling you? What has called to you? Where might you show up for the Earth? Lie down, close your eyes and do a little Moon-bathing to find your Earth-work for this year. I would love to hear if your Earth-work is what you are already doing.

I am about to encounter much of Mexico, Someone, something there is calling to me.
I offer these bright insights with love,
Gail, Story Activist for Pachamama & Nine Passages


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